I speak

English : Advanced

French : Native speaker

Swedish : Average

I code

Networks and systems
Linux, VPN, Windows
JAVA, PHP, C#, ASP, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6, XML, XML, XSL
Web technologies
ASP.NET, Zend Framework, Amazon Web Services, HTML
Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
Environment of Development
GIT, Jenkins, Mercurial, SVN
Open Source solutions
Tests Tools
FitNesse, Hudson
Agile, Project Management, Scrum, SEM, TDD, TDD, Team management
Web Analysis and Statistics

My Experiences

Freelance September 2016 - Present

Freelance September 2016 - Present

Developer / Architect / Consultant.

Providing consulting services for various clients in the following areas:

– Choosing technologies (CMS, database, e-commerce, languages) and tools (virtual machines, containers, project management tools);
– Installing and using a CVS (GIT, Mercurial);
– Managing sensitive data and secure hosting;
– Using VPN’s, secured access to infrastructure (bare metal, AWS, Azure);
– Solving system issues (performance issues in production, infrastructure size issues, system monitoring issues, etc.);
– Managing technical teams (internal and outsourced teams);
– Agile methods and tools;
– Hosting management (Saas / Iaas Solutions) and capacity planning;
– AWS / Cloud Hosting;
– Secured network architecture (Virtual Private Network / distributed sites).

Providing software development services (Node.js, PHP, C#, JAVA).
– Test Driven Development;
– Continuous Integration;
– Bug fixing.
– Solution architecture;
– Roadmap and development cycles management for high-traffic, scalable web platforms and back-end tools.

kindrobot.org October 2017 - Present

kindrobot.org October 2017 - Present

– This project is about “democratizing AI” and building a community around it.
– Within the platform, users can share ideas, projects, or questions about AI ethics, responsibility, and autonomy.

Brocc January 2018 - April 2018 Duration: 3 months

Brocc January 2018 - April 2018 Duration: 3 months

Information Technology System Developer.
– Development of IT systems;
– Proposal of adapted technical solutions;
– Bug fixing.

Sensee January 2011 - August 2016 Duration: 5 years 7 months

Sensee January 2011 - August 2016 Duration: 5 years 7 months

Technical Manager / Chief Technical Officer.
– Development and support for the company’s websites www.sensee.com and
www.lentillesmoinscheres.com, a complete infrastructure for a full
e-commerce ecosystem;
– Front-end: web design (multiple
languages/currencies), SEO, promotion campaigns, high performance
architecture (Cloud Hosting);
– Back-end: catalog management, supply
chain, warehouse management, shipment, accounting, customer service,
SaaS solutions with partners;
– Management of all IT operations;

Management of software engineers (in-house and nearshore teams), web
designers, system and network administrators, database administrators.

Inspirational Stores March 2008 - January 2011 Duration: 2 years 10 months

Inspirational Stores March 2008 - January 2011 Duration: 2 years 10 months

Technical Front-End and Quality Manager.
– Improving an existing website by refactoring front-end and back-end processes;
– Member of the R&D Department as Technical Front-End and Quality Manager;
– Programming methodology referent (TDD, branching patterns, code coverage);
– Responsible of .NET and PHP build automations for both technical unit tests and acceptance tests (FitNesse .NET).

Lead .NET Engineer.
– Member of the R&D Department as Technical Lead for 5 software engineers;
– Scrum Master: animating Planning Pokers with Product Owners, designers;
– Test Driven Development;
– Automated tests based on Hudson/Jenkins;
– Use of design patterns in order to deliver quality and testable code;
– Building a factory for websites’ front-end based on the .NET Mediachase e-commerce framework;
– Iterative and continuous integration in order to deploy one new e-shop every 6 weeks.

Skills: .NET, PHP, FitNesse, Hudson, Jenkins, Mediachase, TDD, Agile, Scrum, Team management.

Clever Age July 2007 - March 2008 Duration: 8 months

Clever Age July 2007 - March 2008 Duration: 8 months

Technical Project Manager.

Participation in a project consisting in the development of plugins for document conversion between Word and OpenOffice.
– Supervision and management of 2 junior software engineers;
– Development and bug fixing using C#, XML/XSL, ODT/OpenXml data structures, Microsoft Plugins, SVN;
– Synchronizing with other development teams from India / Germany and testing teams from Belgium;
– Participation in weekly meetings and reports with global project management;
– Weekly delivery to central repositories.

in a project consisting in the development of 3 e-shops (from front-end
to customer delivery) for a startup specialized in e-commerce
delegation for high valuable and luxury brands.

– Strategy definition for efficient and secure bootstrap aligned with the objectives;
– Analyzing existing e-commerce frameworks and tools, as well as costs and limits;

Managing software architecture, technical design and development of the
global project using ASP, ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005;

Building an e-shop factory based on reusable components, extensive usage
of templating to decrease time-to-market and increase return on

Skills: C#, XML/XSL, ODT/OpenXml, Microsoft Plugins, SVN, ASP, ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005, Team management.

SQLI February 2002 - June 2007 Duration: 5 years 4 months

SQLI February 2002 - June 2007 Duration: 5 years 4 months

Technical Project Manager.

Participation in a project
consisting of the complete refactoring of the automated invoicing system
and satellite applications for BMW France.

– Participation in weekly
project management meetings with top management and Product Owners from
all BMW Departments (Invoicing, Marketing, Sales, Accounting);

Building a hybrid framework (object model, web services) between
front-end .NET applications and back-end legacy IBM AS/400 procedures;
– Supervision and management of 5 software engineers (.NET and Cobol).

Software Engineer.

Participation in a project for Galeries Lafayette.
– Maintenance of the client’s e-Commerce Suite (Java, J2EE);
– Fug fixing;
– Delivery.

Participation in a project for Accor.

– Development of a management tool for a new financial product created by the client (.NET, SQL Server, Web Services).

Participation in a project at “Paris-Vincennes” for a horse racing company; data
needed to be gathered and distributed from and to mobile production
units and used for display on several live TV networks and channels.
– Analysis of the existing suite of applications developed in Visual Basic 6 / Oracle;
– Building a secure and iterative migration plan;
– Development of a new service-oriented framework (.NET, SQL Server);
– Continuous delivery.

Skills: Project management, JAVA, J2EE, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Web Services, Visual Basic 6, Oracle.

Coyote Conseil February 2001 - August 2001 Duration: 6 months

Coyote Conseil February 2001 - August 2001 Duration: 6 months

PHP Software Engineer (Intern).
– Creation of a content management system to publish news and
information about society and TV Shows (videos, interviews, guests,
– Technical design;
– Website and back-office development;
– Selecting hosting services companies;
– Delivering in production.

Skills: PHP, Linux, MySQL, CRUD, Internally developed templates.

SQLI August 1999 - February 2000 Duration: 6 months

SQLI August 1999 - February 2000 Duration: 6 months

Software Engineer (Intern).

Participation in a large project consisting in the migration of a
system from an IBM AS/400 legacy to a distributed Windows architecture
with intranet interfaces.

– Responsible for common components (toolbox) used by all team members;
– Developing specific modules/pages, testing and deploying in an integration environment;
– Understanding project needs and respecting deadlines to be respected;
– Delivering quality and avoiding regressions;
– Use of patterns to develop sustainable components;
– Writing documentation;
– Communication with software engineers.

Skills: ASP, Visual Basic, Visual InterDev, Microsoft SQL Server, Versioning, Retro-compatibility.

My Education

Bachelor's Degree in Information and Decision Systems Engineering - University of Technology of Troyes.


DUT Communication Services and Networks - "Joseph Fourier" University (Grenoble I).


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