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We find the missing link between scaling up your team and achieving your goals by recruiting the right Freelance JavaScript developer.

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100% of Our JavaScript Developers Are Selected by Our Talent Acquisition Specialists

Every company has different needs, including skills and expertise. Pentalog Freelancers takes this—and your individual requirements—into account when helping you select your JavaScript freelancers.

To get you the talent you need, our Talent Acquisition Specialists filter freelance profiles from a base of more than 10,000 JavaScript developers, certified and registered on our skill testing platform. Once they finish, you will be scheduled for a consultation to choose freelancers that best suit your project needs.

You never lose the human touch with Pentalog Freelancers. Your contact works with you to form a deep understanding of your projects and find a freelance JavaScript developer who matches your needs based on skill-matched interviews and tests. This ensures that their knowledge, skills, and personality all integrate well with your team.

We Only Use Certified Freelance JavaScript Developers

Every JavaScript developer in our talent pool can pass any of our JavaScript tests to validate their skills. React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Angular and even Electron knowledge can be assessed through the SkillValue SaaS platform.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists team also evaluates freelancers’ soft skills to confirm fit with your team. We offer only the best freelance JavaScript developers for your projects — even for urgent ones.

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Pentalog Freelancers offers full-stack solutions and is here to help boost your technical team. We are experts in a wide range of technologies who, like you, are always looking for ways to become smarter, stronger, and keep learning.

Already working with JavaScript developers? Our database of 1,000+ ready-to-use tech skill assessment tests helps you make sure you’re training and working with the best.

Put your test together on your own as a SmartQuiz or choose from one of ours.

How Much Does a Freelance JavaScript Developer Cost?

A developer’s daily rate will vary depending on their experience and skills but average daily rates range from £260-470 (including a commission of 15%).We can further discuss the different fee levels depending on the needs of your project and how experienced a developer you will need to fulfill it.

Level of experience ADR of JavaScript Developers
0-2 years £260
2-4 years £316
4-7 years £367
7+ years £469

Want to compare the cost of hiring freelance JavaScript developers with an outsourced collaboration. Take a look at our price list to get started.