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At Pentalog Freelancers, we know timing is essential. We rely on our private IT community to select the best Node.js developers.

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100% of Our Freelance NodeJS Developers are selected by Our Talent Acquisition Specialists

According to statistics, many companies – including large corporations or governmental institutions, plan or are in course of transitioning to Node.js. Since the competitiveness of this technology is high, we are aware of the faced challenges when it comes to finding and retaining the perfect developer.

Why is Pentalog Freelancers the best option for your business?

Therefore, at Pentalog Freelancers, we involve our Talent Acquisition Specialists in the screening process to recommend you the best NodeJS developers, suited for your project. This way, you can be sure that each profile is thoroughly assessed before joining your project and has the skills you require.

What is the process we use to handpick the best available developers?

At Pentalog Freelancers, we like to handpick the best out of the best available developers – that’s why they are rigorously tested through our 1,000 available tests that encompass 160 technical skillsets, for starters. After the initial screening process, we refine a pool of developers that match your project specifications. The developers are then interviewed by our Talent Acquisition Specialists, and then we compile a final list of freelancers from which you can choose.

Administration-wise, there’s no need for you to worry. We handle all the management aspects, so you can focus solely on your core business.

How Much Does a NodeJS Developer Cost?

Cost is most of the time an issue when it comes to hiring developers. Nowadays, in the UK, the current market rates for NodeJS developers are between £50 and £60 per hour.

However, at Pentalog Freelancers we are aware that each project has its own perks, hence we offer you the chance to negotiate with the developers. This flexible payment option helps you to find the perfect freelancer, without breaking the bank.