IOS App Development

Apple’s operating system comes in second place on the mobile application market, just behind Android. However, native iOS apps for iPhone or iPad are much more profitable than Android apps.

Entrusting your iOS app development project to an established service provider gives you access to skilled developers, modern tech stacks and fast team ramp up. It also benefits your business in terms of cost-effectiveness and time-to-market optimization.

Our 150 iOS development specialists will guide you step by step from application design to publishing to the Apple store.

Our iOS app development services

Unlike webapps, native iOS apps are developed with kits specifically designed for Apple’s devices, with access to material data specific to terminals such as gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, GPS, etc. Even if the technical platform is the same, it is highly important to identify the differences between the iPad and iPhone. You must use varied development techniques to fully benefit from the opportunities offered by the different screen sizes in order to maximize application performance and offer a seamless user experience.

iOS App Development

Our dedicated iOS app development teams have extensive hands-on experience in building native apps for all iOS-enabled devices in multiple industries, including: Sports and fitness, MedTechEdTech, Social Media, Biotech, Sound recognition, mCommerce and more. They are ready to help you leverage all the features powered by Apple’s mobile platform and tackle the challenges of your industry.

The tech stack they master includes an array of technologies and tools:

  • Apple-enabled operating systems: iOS, watchOS, and tvOS
  • Proprietary iOS tools and languages: Objective-C, Swift, iOS SDK, XCode and a variety of libraries exploring the hardware capabilities of Apple devices (Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, Camera and Microphone etc.)
  • Cross-platform mobile development frameworks: React Native (using code developed in JavaScript) and Xamarin (based on C# code)
  • Machine Learning, AI, AR and VR algorithms

They trust us

We accompany and support our clients at every stage of their iOS project by providing custom mobile development, UI/UX design, growth hacking, digital marketing and funding solutions to bring to life their innovative ideas.

Through the Pentalog digital platform, our clients have managed to improve their mobile presence, achieve their growth objectives and overcome their technical and business challenges.

Great Digital Products Aren’t Created By AccidentPentagility Means IT Excellence at Speed

Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
We call this toolkit Pentagility, an agile governance methodology for building trusted client relationships.

Here is how our clients have rated our iOS development services:

  • “The Pentalog team was extremely responsive to our needs and made many excellent suggestions to improve our product. The level of communication was such that it felt like we were working with a very talented internal team.”Bruno Larvol, CEO at Larvol
  • “It was good to rely on an affordable offshore team to get the job done and deliver our apps faster.”Alex GOURLEY, CTO at BitGym