IS strategy

How to accelerate growth & reduce costs

Digitization, cloud computing, big data, and mobile solutions, are incredible growth and business development opportunities for companies of all sizes and all activity sectors.

However, taking advantage of these market trends required the ability to adapt to change very quickly. A high performance IT system and organizational structure that can operate with a tight budget while reducing time-to-market is crucial.

IS strategy

Our IT consulting and digital strategy division is managed by a digital acceleration team of 50 technical and business experts: business analysts, functional consultants, experts in software factory creation, cloud, e-commerce, UX consultants and more. They will help you implement disruptive technologies and methodologies dedicated to:

  • reducing IS operating costs
  • improving organization efficiency and effectiveness
  • generating IT leverage effects
  • accelerating growth based on innovative digital strategies
  • supporting technical teams (agile coaching, mentoring)

Full-stack IT consulting from one hand

Our consulting missions are deployed on various fields, such as application development consulting (technical or functional consulting), organisation consulting, IT project kick-off, product ownership, quality, project development and documentation, and even R&D, technical and prototyping solutions.

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