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Morocco React Native Dev Challenge!


The challenge is over. Keep benchmarking your skills!

Congratulations on conquering the React Native Dev Challenge in Morocco!
🏆 Hamza M. is the winner 🏆

🚀Kudos to all participants for flexing those coding muscles and shaping a brighter future with Jadara! We turned every eligible entry into a 5 euro donation. Way to code for a cause! 👏

Unleash the limitless power of code!

When was the last time you felt you’d mastered React Native like never before? Do you consider yourself beyond extraordinary, beyond imagination?

Participate in the Morocco React Native Challenge now and seize the recognition you deserve, along with a brand-new PlayStation 5 and the latest FIFA game!

This isn’t just a challenge; it’s your ticket to gaming glory!

Additionaly, Pentalog is donating 5€ to Jadara Foundation for each eligible participation. Your code isn’t just about problem-solving; it shapes futures.

The challenge is over. Keep benchmarking your skills!

📆 Complete it by January 15th 📆



Because Pentalog joined forces with Globant in May 2023, and FIFA stands as one of our coolest references 🎮

About Jadara Foundation

For over two decades, the Jadara Foundation, along with its community of volunteers and partners, has been making a lasting difference in the Moroccan community. Their focus is on providing support to young individuals who face financial challenges in pursuing their education.

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To make sure your superhuman coding powers qualify, you can read the React Native Challenge Terms & Conditions here