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The 3 Pillars of Your Digital Success with Pentalog

SkillValue Insight, to find top tech talent.

SkillValue Insight is a proprietary algorithm that uses data from over a million tested developers to scan the world’s Top 3% and find the best matches for your needs.

Agile governance, continuous value delivery.

We approach development with an agility mindset that focuses on desired outcomes, letting us ramp up projects and pivot quickly with minimal friction. 

Flexibility to scale teams to your needs.

Our global delivery platform lets you adapt the size of your team according to your needs with ramp-ups or ramp-downs completed as needed, in just a few weeks.

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We Supply Top Talent from 8 Global Delivery Locations

Our clients are choosy about their software outsourcing partners. We’re good with that.

Pentalog serves startups, enterprise platforms and companies in between with a global tech workforce from 8 software delivery centers in Europe (Romania, Moldova, Poland), Asia (Vietnam) and Central America (Mexico).

No matter where your operations are located, we can help build or expand your product team with experienced offshore coders working in a convenient time zone.

With our special outsourcing trial offer, you start working with Top 3% engineers today but only pay if you decide to continue after 30 days.

Your trial begins by talking to a Pentalog Solutions Advisor today.

Outsourcing Trial Offer: Terms & Conditions

  • Under the terms of this Outsourcing Trial Offer (“the Offer”), Pentalog will provide a maximum of five (5) profiles, such as software developers, scrum masters and QA engineers, needed for the development of mobile or web applications. The Offer excludes Pentalog consulting services such as security, DevOps, UX/UI, growth, marketing and innovation. Additional discounts may be available for customers wishing to have larger teams and/or consulting services.
  • The Terms and Conditions of the Outsourcing Trial Offer will be presented to the customer “as is” in a standard Pentalog contractual template and may be subject to change at Pentalog’s sole discretion.
  • The Offer is limited to companies that are not currently active Pentalog customers, furthermore it is limited to one Offer per customer.
  • During the Outsourcing Trial Period, Pentalog transfers to the Customer, exclusively and definitively, all the rights necessary to the exploitation of the Deliverables and source code.
  • The Outsourcing Trial Period represents thirty (30) calendar days from the project start date, which generally represents twenty (20) working days per month and per profile. Projects can only begin once all profiles intended for the Outsourcing Trial Period are available to begin work. Any additions or deletions of profiles during the Outsourcing Trial Period will be made at the sole discretion of Pentalog.
  • The Outsourcing Trial Offer includes for Pentalog to provide a computer and access to the necessary tools for each profile. It excludes licensing costs, special equipment, travel and any other materials associated with the project, which will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • The present General Conditions of the Outsourcing Trial Offer shall include a trial period of 30-day calendar days, or approximately 20 workdays. At the conclusion of this period, clients choosing to continue shall be responsible for full payment of incurred time at daily rates provided in the agreement. Clients choosing not to continue shall be released from payment. During this 30-day period, either party may cancel at any time with five (5) business days’ notice by email.
  • During the Outsourcing Trial Period, if the customer requests changes to the team size, type or skill level of the profiles previously defined in the Outsourcing Trial Offer, Pentalog may, at its sole discretion, elect to require the execution of a new contract covering the requested changes.