Updated on December 17th, 2020



Users of the PENTALOG Website should be assured that their personal
data shall be processed by PENTALOG transparently and in accordance with
the GDPR.

collects the personal data of the Visitors to its Website. Visitors to
the Website are considered to be any person who visits the Site
regardless of the medium used.
From the moment
a Visitor interacts with the Site by showing a particular interest, he
will then be considered as a Prospect, a Contact, a Supplier or a
He should then refer to the chapters of this Privacy Policy relating to these categories of people. For Visitors who do not fit into these categories, PENTALOG brings this chapter to their attention. 

The terms used in the  presents shall have the meanings set forth herein or in the “GENERALITES” chapter of the PENTALOG’s Privacy Policy.

terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning given to them
in the “GENERALITES” chapter of the PENTALOG’s Privacy Policy

as modified below, the terms of the “GENERALITES” chapter of the
PENTALOG’s Privacy Policy shall remain in full force and effect.

1. Data subjects concerned

receives the personal data of Visitors to its Website or via online
advertising on its Website or third-party sites with which these
Visitors may have interacted.

2. Legal basis for processing

2.1. PENTALOG is committed to ensuring that Visitors to its Website are aware of all the consequences of their actions.

2.2. To this end, PENTALOG ensures that it has obtained the consent of all Visitors when they visit its Website.

2.3. If
PENTALOG processes its Visitors’ personal data without their consent,
PENTALOG shall ensure that this processing complies with the GDPR; for
example, it is based on the legitimate interests of PENTALOG.

3. How PENTALOG uses the data of the Visitors

3.1. PENTALOG uses the personal data of Visitors to its Website in a manner consistent with the principles set out in the GDPR.

3.2. PENTALOG also wants to be clear about this type of processing in order to build a trusting with the Visitors to its Website.

uses the data of Visitors to its Website to analyse the performance of
its Website and to improve the services it offers via its Website.

3.4. To do this, PENTALOG collects cookies. For more information on the use of cookies by PENTALOG, please refer to the Cookie Charter.

4. Data collected by PENTALOG

may collects personal data such as: CVs, surnames, first names, titles,
company names, positions held, postal addresses, telephone numbers,
email addresses, etc according to the category of the Visitor concerned
and if provided by the Visitors through a contact form on its Website or
an email sent to PENTALOG to a contact within the company or to a
generic email address of PENTALOG (e.g.

also collects data that does not directly identify individuals, such as
type of browser, type of device used, application data, information
collected via cookies, etc.

4.2. This
information allows us to provide more personalised marketing offers to
Visitors to the Website or to respond to a request made by the Visitors
or to provide better optimization of the browsing experience of Visitors
on the Site.

5. Data storage

PENTALOG does not intend to store the personal data of Visitors to its Website any longer than is necessary.

To this end, when the purpose of collection has been achieved, PENTALOG shall delete the data concerned.

6. Sharing of Visitors’ data

PENTALOG may share Visitors’ data that has been collected on its Site in strict compliance with its Privacy Policy.


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