Craiova is the 6th largest city in Romania and the biggest in the southwestern area of the country, known as Oltenia. With a rich history of over two thousand years, this is a vibrant urban development with an old city center displaying a beautiful architecture.

Having a powerful background in industry, a branch of activity with great influence over the city’s economy, Craiova is becoming more and more an important center for IT developments.

Thanks to its closeness to Bucharest, an international airport, and the presence of a competitive and stable business environment, the Capital of Oltenia region is an emerging tech hub. The skilled talent pool, nurtured by the University of Craiova – one of the largest higher education facilities in the country – is another important asset of this city.

The Pentalog delivery center in Craiova (GMT+2) hosts IT projects for clients based in France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Romania, the United States, and Canada.

Electronics & Telecom

Development in Java, C/C++ and embedded technologies

Web platforms

Full-stack development from MVP to industrialized product

Mobile & IoT

Native and cross-platform applications, connectivity

Technological stack used by our specialists in Craiova

The talent pool at the Pentalog Craiova Delivery Center includes full-stack web developers, mobile specialists, QA and UI/UX specialists, embedded systems engineers, DevOps, as well as Product Owner and Scrum Master profiles.

Our local teams in Craiova are experienced in Agile & Lean methods and master a wide range of technologies: PHP (Laravel, Magento, Symfony, Zend), C#/.NET, Embedded C, C/C++, JavaScript (Node.js, React, Angular, Vuejs), Python Django, Ruby or JAVA (Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Vaadin, EE).


Just like Pentalog Timisoara, the Craiova delivery center started virtually back in 2021, when we made our first steps in onboarding employees from this city that boasts an IT community of over 3,000 members.

As our local teams grew, we decided to formalize the delivery capacity hub in their proximity, to empower them with identity and growth support. So on December 7, 2022, we opened here our sixth office in Romania and the tenth delivery center worldwide.

Now, we have more than 20 software engineers, testers, and Product Owners who enjoy the flexibility of working from home or the office, which is located at Craiova Hub, close to the historic center.

Emilian-Valentin Bordea
Customer Success Manager
Aries street no. 1, building ABCD, Craiova HUB
+40 268 547 775
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