About Frankfurt

Financial center

A hub for fintech
and cybersecurity

Conveniently located

Direct flights to Europe’s
fourth-largest airport

Focus areas

Artificial intelligence, blockchain,
cloud computing, big data

Home to the European Central Bank, Frankfurt is one of Europe’s most important financial centers and ranked the fourth-best city in the world to live and work.

The city has a low unemployment rate and excellent public services that attract workers from all over the world. Frankfurt is nicknamed “Mainhattan” for its location near the Main river and as a reference to its bustling city lifestyle.

IT project management

Development, maintenance,
testing, IoT

Digital marketing

Strategy, social media, advertising, marketing automation

100% Agile

Responsive communication, customer satisfaction

The services we offer in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s energy, quality of life, and central European location made it the ideal city for Pentalog’s German branch.

Pentalog provides IT consulting in Frankfurt. Project managers and marketing specialists knowledgeable in the latest technologies and trends will take your digital project to the next level.

Gestion de projets
Développement de produits digitaux

Frankfurt is an eclectic city, with many cultures that shape its identity. You’ll find skyscrapers and busy streets alongside the serene Main River.

It’s in this diverse environment that the Pentalog Frankfurt IT consulting office thrives, managing IT projects, and developing digital strategies for our German clients.

Reiner Hörger
Project Director & Consultant
Frankfurt Rhein-Main urban area
Unterortstr. 6-8
65760 Eschborn / TS
+49 6196 5610 195
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