With a community of agile and talented developers, Luxembourg hosts a population of over 10,000 information and communication technology professionals (source: ICT Cluster). Our teams, possessing diverse expertise and specializing in the latest technological advancements, provide intelligent and tailored solutions to our clients. We strategically apply these new technologies to assist our partners in achieving their growth objectives while maintaining a leading position in their sector.

Thanks to the collaboration between Globant and Pentalog, both current and potential clients now have access to an enriched value proposition and solutions on a larger scale.

Globant’s offering revolves around 3 main areas:

  • The Studios, which are centers of excellence spread worldwide. They blend engineering and design while intelligently leveraging the latest technological trends. Each Studio is dedicated to a specific technology, discipline, or sector.
  • Agile PODs bring together the world’s top tech talents in each industry. Organized into Agile teams, they develop and support end-to-end solutions.
  • Globant X encompasses products and platforms based on AI to accelerate businesses.

If you’re in search of specialized technical expertise, collaborative partners, and an innovative approach, contact us to discover how our teams can meet your needs.

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37A, Avenue JF Kennedy,
L-1855 Luxembourg
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