After Brexit, Paris has transformed itself into an even larger hot-spot for European IT projects. With 3 international airports and a large public transportation system, the city is home to 29 out of 31 of the largest French companies and 1/3rd of the largest 500 companies in the world – leading both London and NYC.

Our Paris agency serves as a commercial office where our teams host meetings among themselves, customers and collaborators.

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Services we offer in Paris

Focused on Digital Marketing, our Paris agency merges a team of Product Owners and Strategists who spearhead ambitious digital projects and bring together the expertise of the entire Pentalog platform using Agile methodologies.
Our specialists in Paris are here to address your Tech & Marketing needs:

  • UI/UX Expertise with our teams in Europe & North America
  • Marketing Campaign Management with our teams in Europe & North America
  • IT Outsourcing services with our teams across Romania, Moldova & Vietnam

The experts from Globant are also present in Paris, and their services are structured around three main areas:

  • The Studios, which are centers of excellence spread worldwide. They combine engineering and design while intelligently leveraging the latest technological trends. Each Studio is dedicated to a specific technology, discipline, or sector.
  • Agile PODs bring together the world’s top tech talents in each industry. Organized into Agile teams, they develop and support end-to-end solutions.
  • Globant X encompasses products and platforms based on AI to accelerate businesses.
Gestion de projets

Our Paris agency is easily accessible in the heart of the city, near the Pompidou art and cultural center, the Forum des Halle shopping center, and the Montorgueil district.

From our perch in the City of Lights, we offer digital transformation services tailored to each client’s goals and stages of development.

Martin Rubio
Customer Success Officer
12 rue de Crussol,
75011 Paris
+33 9 70 75 47 89
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