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Gabriela O.

Applications & Tco Steward

16 years
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  • Superior technical skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 16 years of industry experience
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My experience


PentalogMarch 2021 - Present

Application Steward within Pentalog Products Department.
  • Acting in the Cost-Killer role, being in charge of retiring end-of-life applications.
  • Coordination through change management processes for new applications.
  • Resources rationalization.
  • Giving visibility over the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of old and new applications used within the company.

PentalogJanuary 2014 - January 2019

Scrum Master of an internal ERP.
  • Coaching and organizing the team, composed of 10 members, according to Scrum principles.
  • Implementation of the project benchmarks and visibility.
  • Project management: project scope, roles within the project, project management tools, estimates and planning, Project Quality Plan.
  • Ensuring transparency and traceability, reporting.

PentalogJanuary 2013 - January 2019

Project manager / BI Developer.
  • Maintaining the Business Intelligence platform - making sure that the existing reports and key performance indicators work properly, bringing the necessary changes and creating new reports according to the business needs.
  • Keeping KPI indicators up to date, including changes due to the company's growth and modified processes over the years.

Pentalog High TechJuly 2009 - December 2014

Project Manager within a project which allows to redesign the Pentalog websites.

  • Analyzing and managing the requirements.

  • Writing the documentation.

  • Carrying out tests.

  • Team size : 6 persons.

    Pentalog High TechApril 2009 - December 2012

    Project Manager and Developer within Pentalog internal applications.

  • Analyzing and managing requests.

  • Writing technical documentation.

  • Carrying out tests.
  • Providing evolutions of applications.
  • More

    Pentalog High TechJuly 2011 - July 2011

    Attended a "Project Management" training.
    Studied the following topics:
    - fundamentals of project management according to projects development;
    - project cycle, risk management, effort (workload) estimate and management, planning, client's management, team management, communication.

    NekoéMarch 2010 - July 2010

    Project Manager.

  • Participating in the maintenance of a community portal website:

  • Managing the project team.

  • Team size: 3 persons

    ATHICFebruary 2007 - May 2009

    Project Manager and Developer within the development of Experian’s orders processing applications.

  • Analyzed, developed, tested and wrote the technical and the functional documentation at the customer request.
  • Solved bugs.
  • Assured the communication with the customer.

  • More

    Pentalog High TechJanuary 2009 - January 2009

    Attended the “People and Project Management” training.

    Coronis SystemsDecember 2006 - January 2007

    Took part in the development of an application which presents the interrogation functionalities of the Coronis equipments which includes:

    - reading the water meters indexes;

    - consumption curves;

    - histograms for highlighting the over-consumptions following the going beyond a definite threshold.

    C.A.R.U.S RomaniaApril 2004 - November 2006

    Engineer - Developer within an ERP application of management, accounting, fixed assets, transport, salaries, production.
  • Took part to the development of two contract modules for: services and monthly payments.
  • Maintained all the functionalities in the existing ERP.
  • Implemented the new functionalities.
  • Analysed and designed the client new demands.
  • Modified the database structure so that it suits the new demands.
  • Migrated the data from client source in the application database.
  • Created the kit for each new version of the ERP.
  • Created delivery CDs for the clients.
  • Archived and stocked the data for the company.
  • More

    Transylvania University, BrasovJanuary 2006 - January 2006

    Developed a database explorer, which offers all the details concerning the objects on the server (stocked procedures, views, and all the details on the tables – fields, relations, index, etc), by connecting to a SQL Server.

    My education and trainings

    Agile Training.2015 - 2015

    Bachelor's Degree in Management, Faculty of Business Administration and Management - ''Transilvania'' University of Brasov.2006 - 2009

    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - ''Transilvania'' University of Brasov.2002 - 2006