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Mauricio G.

Devops Engineer

16 years
Guadalajara, MEXICO
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  • English language proficiency
  • 16 years of industry experience
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PentalogNovember 2021 - Present

DevOps Engineer within a digital services platform dedicated to helping companies access world-class software engineering and product talent.

- Project: Horus
- Description: Horus is a startup based in France and the project is to build from scratch an Ecommerce site. The project is divided in 4 teams, Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Testing and DevOps.
  • Creating the infrastructure as a code using CDK (AWS).
  • Creating AWS organization, sub AWS accounts and setting up SSO for new customers.
  • Creating Docker images with Docker and Docker-compose.
  • Working with these AWS services : EFS, ECS Fargate, Redis, Open Search, Aurora MySQL, ALB.    

AWS, CDK, Python, GitHub, ECS Fargate, Docker, MySQL

SofttekMarch 2021 - October 2021

DevOps Engineer within a global company helping organizations bridge the digital gap.

Project: South West Airline - an airline based in US. 
  • Team member of the Devops /Cloud team. 
  • Working on the migrations of all repositories +10K from Bitbucket to Gitlab. It implies changes in Jenkins job, adding new users, handling roles, creating new pipelines etc. 
  • Creating pipelines in Gitlab.
  • Creating pipelines, jobs, new users in Jenkins.
  • Setting up connection between Gitlab repositories and Jenkins Jobs.
  • Setting up meetings with dev teams to help them to adopt Gitlab.
  • Setting up GitLab runners for new teams.
  • Deploying and monitoring runners in AWS EKS.
  • Importing code from Bitbucket to Gitlab.
  • Code scripts in Python to automate Migrations in Gitlab.

Jenkins, Docker, AWS, GitLab, Bitbucket, CloudFormation, Python, EKS

UpworkMarch 2020 - March 2021

Freelance DevOps Engineer / Cloud Engineer.
  • AWS Certified SolutionsArchitect Associate.
  • 2 years of hands-on experience in handling AWS infrastructure for high availability, fault-tolerance, disaster recovery, orchestration, Infrastructure as Code and security compliance.
  • Setting up AWS CLI.
  • Building EC2.
  • Setting up VPC.
  • Creating users, groups, roles in AWS.
  • Uploading/Downloading S3 artifact using AWS CLI.
  • Web scraping scripts in Python.
  • Scripts in Python to automate upload videos/pictures into Facebook using Facebook API.
  • SNS notifications.
  • Other tools: Python 3.

AWS, Python, Selenium, AWS CLI, GIT, Putty, Facebook API, AWS EC2

AmdocsJune 2017 - March 2021

Software Developer within a company focused on enriching lives and progress society, using creativity and technology to build a better connected world.

Project: Turbo Charging
- Turbo Charging is a low latency application running on Linux environment. This is used in telecommunication market by companies such as AT&T Cricket, Movistar, Claro. This application in in charge of authorize network events (SMS, voice, data), rate those events and save them in database.
  • Created scripts in Python/Shell to automatize common tasks on production.
  • Created scripts in Python/Shell to fix issues in production.
  • Created hot fix, tested it and deployed it to production.
  • Reviewed production incidents, found the root cause, and created hot fix; if required, moved it to another team.
  • Provided support on roll outs.
  • Worked on customization of the application requested by the account.
  • Created INC for core team when we didn't have access to some code.
  • Created customization in the application according to customer requirements in each account.

Python, Linux, C++, Shell Scripting, Oracle, SQL, Perl

Tata Consultancy ServicesAugust 2011 - June 2017

Release and Change Manager & “ASM” Application Support Manager and Software Engineer within an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company.

I. Software Engineer (June 2013 - June 2017)

Project: “Morgan Stanley Electronic Transaction” - an area to buy/sell shares electronically. The team supports the applications and servers where those run.
  • Coded scripts to measure latency in applications.
  • Coded web applications in Python (Html and CGI).
  • Built GUI menu in Linux using python to automatize process in production env.
  • Coded scripts in Perl for reporting purposes.
  • Coded scripts in Perl for automatization in Production support.
  • Built Web Applications using CGI Perl.
  • Worked with mails related to FIX questions (Widely used in Equity). 
  • Reviews fix logs to respond to brokers when the transactions are rejected.
  • Added / removed Autosys jobs.
  • Environment: Linux , Shell , Perl , Autosys, SQL, Service Now, CGI Perl, CGI Python, Python, HTML.

II. Release and Change Manager & “ASM” Application Support Manager (April 2012 - June 2013).

- Project: Bank of America.
  • Release and Change Management for more than 50 applications for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. 
  • Releases to production Environment using WebLogic.
  • Moved new code and deployed the existent ones, JAVA code (wars and ears) from UAT to Production environments thru Oracle WebLogic.
  • Apache and Iplanet Administration.
  • Verified and got access to the new UX Boxes, Oracle WebLogic consoles for new applications with time in advance in order to prevent any kind of issues during releases execution.
  • Site scope administration of UX Servers, Oracle processes and Applications services’ alerts.
  • Iplanet, Apache and Web Agents Management activities.
  • Gas job agent’s installation in Unix Boxes servers in order to facilitate changes.
  • Environment: Sitescope, NetFuel Gas Job Manager, Net Minder Site Administration, IBM Tivoli, Oracle, WebLogic, BladeLogic, Apache, Iplanet, Maximo, Shell Scripting.

III. Software Engineer (August 2011 - April 2012)

- Project: Bank of America.
There are several small Bank of America projects in TCS related to production support for SAS under Unix Aix. 
  • Performed some task to help Bank Users work with SAS.
  • Wrote scripts Perl / Shell to help us on our basis tasks.
  • Monitored file systems to maintain enough spaces on Unix SAS servers.
  • Gave/revoked access to Unix Servers for the users.
  • Gave support to the users in problems related to SASPlex.
  • Environment: Perl, Shell, SAS, Unix Aix, Linux Red Hat, Tivoli, Maximo.

Oracle, WebLogic, Apache, Maximo, Shell Scripting, Perl, SAS, UNIX, AIX, RedHat, JAVA, SQL, HTML, CGI, Perl, Python, Service Now, Linux

SoftTekSeptember 2009 - August 2011

Software Developer within a global company helping organizations bridge the digital gap.

Project: Wal-Mart International Integration Center.
  • Modified the current Wal-Mart systems in order that those work properly with the integration of new stores in new countries. 
  • Participated in the Integration of Wal-Mart Central America, also in Wal-Mart Chile and also I did some changes in Wal-Mart Brazil. 
  • This project had two teams Mainframe Developers and Unix Developers
  • Worked in the Unix Team. 
  • The systems that runs in the store are coded in ESQL/C (C with Informix ), the database is Informix. 
  • The interface was written using an APPI (Windows for C). 
  • The system runs on Unix Aix.
  • Designed and developed programs/scripts that required changes for Wal-Mart Chile.
  • Created new programs/scripts to calculate the taxes in Wal-Mart Chile, and those are required in labels and final price.
  • Modified some programs at host level to handle the information for Central America Stores in order to generate a report by region.
  • Added a module to calculate the price and print the correct current symbol in the labels and Scales for Wal-Mart Chile.

ESQL, Perl, Korn Shell, C ANSI, AWK, Informix, HP-UX, AIX, UNIX

Stefanini IT SolutionsAugust 2008 - August 2009

Software Developer within a private Brazilian multinational, service and software provider, for data processing and consulting.

Project: Factory of Software for Santander (Banking institution).
  • Received different requests from Santander.
  • Worked in those related to Unix Environment.
  • Received design documents from the Bank.
  • Coded the components and ran unitary testing of my programs.
  • Sent components to the bank in order that those went to SIT, UAT and Production environment.
  • Coded in PRO*C/C++, Oracle and Shell.
  • Developed a batch process using pro*C/C++ with Oracle under Unix Solaris for “Enlace” which is a web applications for enterprises.
  • Developed a batch process using C/C++ with DB2 under Unix Aix for the project “Token Manager” which is a web application to handle Tokens for the customers.
  • Worked with team members doing design reviews, code reviews and solve technical questions related to UNIX environment.
  • Working with design and development of an application which receive a string as input, validate some fields, get the credit card number and send it to Mainframe to validate it. 
  • Tools used C, MQ series as Middleware and Shell to start/stop it.

PRO*C, Bourne Shell, Oracle, PL/SQL, AWK, Solaris, AIX, C/C++, DB2, Shell Scripting, UAT, UNIX

InforwareJanuary 2007 - August 2008

Software Developer within a software systems development company.

- Worked on two projects within the company.

I. Financial system which is used for some “Cajas Populares”.
  • Created some regulatory reports required for the authority.
  • Modified some modules to update the information of the customers. 
  • Systemcoded in Visual C++ MFC, the database is Informix which resides in Linux Red Hat.

II. Manufacturing system which is used in a US Company.
  • Participated in the migration of the system from ESQL/C to Visual C++ MFC.

Visual Studio C++, C, RedHat, Informix, XML, ESQL

My education and trainings

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in Administration - Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México.2001 - 2006