Paul V.

Full Stack Developer

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Modern Luxury Hotels ChainOctober 2019 - Present

Front-End Developer.
  • Analysis of the client's requirements.
  • Estimation of the tasks complexity and duration, ensuring their accomplishment within the established deadlines.
  • Improvement of existing functionalities and development of new ones according to the specifications.
  • Code optimization, ensuring code standards compliance.
  • Maintenance and bugfixing.
  • Writing technical documentation.

Social Trading Platform ProviderOctober 2018 - October 2019

Front-End Developer.
  • Front-end development of a responsive application based on .NET and React with Typescript, using Umbraco for content management and its private administration tool.
  • Creation of unit tests for the new code.
  • Providing suggestion for possible issues.
  • Front-end alignment with other teams.
  • Documenting new components in StoryBook.
  • Respecting the Definition of Done.
  • Participation in Scrum meetings.
  • Updating the process in JIRA, dividing the user stories in tasks and making estimates.
  • Continuous improvement based on the actions proposed within the Sprint retrospective and pair programming.
  • Continuous delivery at the end of each Sprint.
  • Quality assurance by monitoring the technical debt.

SENSEENovember 2016 - October 2018

Full-Stack Developer.
  • Front-end development on the e-shop with a Magento back-end and a jQuery front-end.
  • Fixing display issues.
  • Adding new features.
  • Making sure the written code is clean both on the front-end and back-end.
  • Assisting with knowledge, testing and implementing good practices.
  • Functionalities improvement for the time-saving and efficientization of the app.
  • Working on a functionality allowing users to configure lenses for the selected glasses, moving it to back-end to front-end without exposing sensitive data and improving the speed for pre-selecting options from 5-7 seconds to a few milliseconds.
  • Working on the TryLive project by creating a design for the Trylive player of the app and integrating it on the company's website, using Font Awesome icons and customizing others created in Gimp.
  • Reading the Android picture metadata in JavaScript and extracting the correct orientation in order to rotate the image and solve display issues.
  • Adapting functionalities in order to ensure compatibility with certain OS.
  • Creating a page in Magento admin in order to enable the client to ensure the availability of particular combinations between the OS and the browser.
  • Assisting the team in finding proper responsive solutions.
  • Participation in the migration of the desktop “lentillesmoinscheres” website to Blade templating and grouping the entire legacy code into controller files, transforming the front-end to responsive design with Bootstrap and SASS.
  • Changing the design of the app in order to meet the client expectations, being given the liberty of customization to a great extent.
  • Participating in the migration of the legacy code for the app.
  • Decreasing the number of bugs encountered in the previous code and improving the performance level of the app.
  • Migrating “lentillesmoinscheres” website to Docker.

KaliosJune 2016 - October 2016

JavaScript Developer.
  • Development of a Chrome extension used for the generation of unit tests for web pages in Selenium, using Chrome API; the primary role of the extension is to extract data from HTML pages, be able to save HTML elements in a given format, update the elements, generate XPaths and save each HTML element individually.
  • Extracting data by injecting a script into the web pages and solving several script rejection issues that occurred with some pages.
  • Performing workarounds in order to make the extension work through Chrome remote debugging and inject the script from a desktop platform to a mobile one.
  • Integrating the extension into iframes and working through script rejections and iframes rewriting the script’s content and, thus, deleting it.
  • Using the JSZip library that creates zip files in JavaScript in order to allow the download of HTML files from the website while avoiding browser crashes (the extension allowed saving all the HTML elements from the page and iframes as individual files, which crashed the browser).

MeeticOctober 2015 - September 2016

  • Analysis of the client's requirements.
  • Estimation of the task complexity and duration, ensuring their accomplishment within the established deadlines.
  • Improvement of the functionality on the existing site and development of new functionality according to the specifications.
  • Code optimization, ensuring code standards compliance.
  • Performing unit testing on the implemented features to ensure their functioning to the required quality parameters.
  • Application maintenance and bug fixing.
  • Writing of the technical documentation for the developed features.

Freelance ProjectsSeptember 2014 - October 2015

Development of several freelance projects:

I. Website for the gaming community.
- The website was designed in order to create a gaming community.
- People could log on to the website using their accounts from one of the largest game sales platform and could join various events that could reward them with certain prizes for video games.
- Data was loaded from the server's MySQL Database and inserted into the website.
- The technical environment of the project included: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.

II. Java Application for joining various events.
- The Java application was designed to handle users' requests necessary for joining various events.
- The application used multi-threading in order to handle multiple requests at the same time and of different types.
- Use of a Node.js program which was executed in the command line from the Java application.
- The application communicates with the developed website through the same MySQL database, thus being allowed to scan requests from the website as well as direct requests from the users.
- The application was designed to be safe regarding the fake requests and stealing attempts.
- The technical environment of the project included: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Node.js and Java.

III. Website for personal development.

- The website was designed for a person dealing with the personal development.
- The solution allows the client to post his articles and various information that could promote his business.
- The website can be also used to manage the number of views per article or likes as well as it can be used with Facebook sharing.
- The technical environment of the project included: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL.

BG SOFTJune 2014 - September 2015

Java Web Developer within a company specialized in consulting and software development, also providing maintenance, quality control and training sessions. 
  • Creation of a web application for the company designed for handling the equipment and software installed on it.
  • Working with Java, Spring, HTML5, CSS3, beans, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and jqGrid, MySQL in order to achieve the desired result.
  • Development of several components in order for the application to map the data from the database into specific classes and load it into the jqGrid table using a special servlet so that users can filter the data, search, delete or add and export it in Excel.

My stack

Spoken languages

ENGLISH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

Networks and Systems

Windows, Docker, Linux



Web Technologies

LESS, SCSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, Webpack.js, Babel.js, jQuery, Blade, AJAX, SASS, jqGrid, CSS3, Uglify.js, React.js, Node.js, Flow

Analysis Methods and Tools


Open Source solutions


Software Testing

Enzyme, PHPUnit, JIRA, Jest


Spring, Storybook, Java Beans


Scrum, SourceTree, JIRA, Bitbucket, Octopus, Agile


Oracle, MySQL

Environment of Development

GIT, NetBeans


JAVA, TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP, ECMAScript 6

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca.2012 - 2016

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