Aldrin Dorian C.

Mobile Developer

5 years
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My experience

A3BC GROUPJanuary 2022 - Present


IBMSeptember 2021 - October 2021

Android Developer for a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company.
  • Worked as Problem Analyst and Knowledge Coordinator on the eCommerce L2 Support Team in the Nespresso Operations projects.
  • Resolved tickets related to the eCommerce part of Nespresso.
  • Analyzed multiple related tickets to establish the root cause of a problem and how it can be solved.
  • Wrote knowledge articles related to the eCommerce part.
  • Wrote AIRs (After Incident Reports) after major problems occurred.
  • Monitoring on graphs representing connections, checkouts, logins, etc. to report non-major issues almost real-time before they become big.

Android, JAVA, Kotlin, Grafana, Kibana, Hybris, SQL Server, Service Now, Jira, Bitbucket, Citrix

General MagicJune 2017 - September 2021

Android Developerfor a company that develops precursors to "USB, software modems, small touchscreens, touchscreen controller ICs, ASICs.

-Worked on the company’s main app: Magic Earth Maps &
implementing new features and refactoring
deprecated code:
  • Created application shortcuts to certain app activities when long pressing the app’s icon.
  • Mapped different parts of the application to deep links.
  • Shared dialog so the user can share in different formats or apps.
  • Created an activity that lets the user search for a location using different types of coordinates.
  • Made a rating dialog that asks the user if he likes the app and if so, it asks him to rate the app in the App store. 
  • Took in consideration the updates, crashes, and many other things.

UI and testing for new application version in Kotlin:
  • Features implemented: Most of the features that were present in the old version of the app.

- Internal SDK implementation and example apps for each functionality:
  • Features implemented: example apps for the functionalities of the SDK such as Routing, Search, Navigation, Gestures on map, Map mstyles, Alerts based on event on map or location of the user, Geocoding and reverse geocoding and more.
  • Implemented some of the functionalities in the SDK.
  • Refactored and corrected already written functionalities.
  • Technologies used: Java 8, Kotlin, NDK, JNI, Gradle, Linux, Bash scripting, ADB, Jenkins, Git, Espresso, JSON, OpenGL, SQL, App shortcuts, Deep links, Picasso, All types of layouts & views (including custom views), Fragments + Navigation graph, Jira, Kanban.

-Developed new features for the company's main application related to the public transportation as Java developer for a few months:
  • Implemented an algorithm that inputs in a GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) file the train route shapes (sequence of coordinates) that are missing, to be displayed on the map at routing.  
  • Technologies used: Java 8, Maven, GTFS & Realtime GTFS, XML, Git, Dijkstra, Backtracking, Linux, Xcode, Profiling.      

-Developed new features and fixed bugs for existing project
back-end in C++:
  • Creation of coordinates conversion library between different cardinal systems working as an API.


Android, Java 8, Kotlin, NDK, JNI, Gradle, Linux, Bash scripting, ADB, Jenkins, Git, Espresso, JSON, OpenGL, SQL, Picasso, Fragments, Jira, Kanban, Maven, GTFS, XML, Git, Dijkstra, Backtracking, XCode, C++, Smart pointers, Cmake, PROJ4, Doxygen

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering - Transylvania University.2015 - 2018