George R.

Test Automation Developer

Bucharest, ROMANIA
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My experience


PENTALOG - SkillValueMay 2019 - October 2019

QA Automation Engineer.
  • Development and enhancement of the automated testing infrastructure created with Python and Selenium.
  • Adding new tests to cover critical flows in the web application.

PENTALOG CLIENT : Eye-tracking solution providerJanuary 2018 - December 2018

Software Developer.
  • Development of Python wrappers for compiled C libraries. Also a C and Python parser was created to ensure the wrapper was matching the C headers for that library.
  • Software testing; unit tests were provided for the code to ensure the wrappers functioned as expected.

PENTALOG CLIENT : Telecom security and simulation solutions manufacturerJanuary 2017 - December 2017

Software Developer.
  • Development of the administration console using Python and Django framework. The development covered tasks for both back-end (Python, Django) and front-end (HTML, Java script). Also, a REST interface was provided for the administration console.
  • Software testing; unit tests were provided for the code that was delivered.

PENTALOG CLIENT : Telecom security and simulation solutions manufacturerJune 2015 - December 2016

QA Engineer.
  • Development of parsing tools that take the output logs of the product and by using the criteria defined by the user, they are able to automatically produce results related to how the system works. The output logs are in various formats such as plain text, CSV and XLS.
  • Development of a tool that takes the results from the parsing tool and that is able to create a set of limits between which the results of the tests are considered passed or failed.
  • Investigation and documentation of the requirements and use cases for a management solution of the lab equipment.

Test Automation Engineer - Enea SoftwareJuly 2013 - June 2015

Automation Test Engineer for a world leader in embedded systems and advanced technical systems development that supplies carrier grade platform software and professional engineering services to the global telecommunications industry.

Test platform development.
  • Test platform development and test development for communication protocols on site for a US client specialized in PoS systems. The test framework was developed in Python and testing was done automatically when possible.

Test development and framework development.
  • Python test framework update used on different projects to be compatible with the assigned project.
  • Test plan development for the project.
  • Automation test implementation for the Python framework.
  • Writing new native tests to run on the board’s Linux OS, tests written in C.

Development - Rohde & Schwarz TopexApril 2012 - July 2013

Development and Test Engineer within a company specialized in developing and implementing professional ATC and IP - VCS (Voice Communication Systems) solutions.

Software development for networking equipment and for testing and monitoring network equipment.
  • Development of a software monitoring solution for the company line of routers, over SNMP. The software was written in Python.
  • Development of an e-mail to SMS solution for the router; creation of a small e-mail server that responded to a minimum SMTP request to be able to receive e-mails from a client.
  • Development of a Python test infrastructure platform for the router.
  • Configuring and making available more features for the router.
  • Development of a program that reads data from UDP and sends L2TP data also with custom IP header.

Wind River SystemsMarch 2008 - March 2012

Development Engineer within a company providing embedded systems, development tools for embedded systems, middleware, and other types of software.
  • Software release for build tools on automotive projects.
  • Test development.
  • Bug analysis and solving.
  • System integration and validation using Wind River Linux.
  • Testing for automotive Linux projects.

Participation in several projects:

- Automotive project.
  • System integration and validation in Galati and on site at the client's site in Italy.
  • Cross compiling software deliveries from other companies and integrating the software in the platform.
  • Maintenance of the software history and revisions so that rollbacks can be performed.
  • Quick check to get an overall view of the platform/build stability.
  • Interaction with pre-integration teams, obtaining status for software deliveries to integrate in the daily builds.

- Automotive project.
  • Team lead for Tools team.
  • Support, update and maintenance of the build tools for the platform.
  • Task planning and roadmap creation.
  • Project related client/customer interaction.
  • Test development.
  • Software delivery, test plan creation, delivery validation, requested release documentation writing.

- Software investigation.
  • Bug analysis and solving.
  • Sustaining engineer.

- Linux mobile project.
  • Integration of the customer’s software in WR Linux for mobile platform.
  • Running tests to validate the platform.
  • Debugging and resolving problems within the platform.

- Project for a multinational semiconductors manufacturer.
  • TAF development (initial versions of Wind River FAST), Python testing framework.
  • Porting Moblin Linux distribution packages in Wind River Linux.
  • Creating tests for mobile internet devices, MID, in Python that can be used in Wind River FAST.

- Automotive project.
  • Test development.
  • Test plan execution.

Participation in several training sessions:

- WR Linux Training;
- Virtual management;
- Leading change.

My stack

Spoken languages

ENGLISH: Advanced
FRENCH: Beginner
ROMANIAN: Native speaker



Networks and Systems

Docker, Linux, Windows

Environment of Development

GIT, Mercurial, PyCharm


C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Bash scripting

Software Testing

Google Postman, Redmine

Application Servers


Web Technologies

CSS3, Django, HTML5, jQuery


Redis, PostgreSQL


Scrum, Jenkins, Agile, JIRA

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Computer Science - "Dunarea de Jos" University, Galati.2004 - 2009

My tests

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Cells' Division
Python 3 quiz medium level
Check Digit
Palindrome Check
Digit Power
Distinct Numbers
Even Position
Maximum Vector
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Power of 2
Shell Script quiz medium level