C-suite Burnout: How to Recognize it and Recover

C-suite Burnout: How to Recognize it and Recover

About this PentaBAR event

C-level executives are more likely to experience burnout at some point in their professional lives. When anxiety and stress are so overwhelming, affecting individual performance and health, it’s time to take a step back and assess the situation.

Carol Palombini’s third webinar – part of the Executive Coaching Bootcamp series – offers strategies that C-level executives can apply to regain control over their lives.

Watch this special webinar to understand what burnout is, identify the main causes of burnout among tech leaders, and learn how to prevent it.

Agenda details: 

  • Concept of burnout 
  • Main causes 
  • The key to change 
  • Strategy to keep a good habit 

About our speaker

Carol Palombini

Carol Palombini - Host

Carol Palombini is a highly experienced Psychologist with over two decades of expertise in human development. Her mission is to empower individuals to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and discover new perspectives in their lives.