The Craft of Mentoring CTO Excellence – with Andy Skipper

The Craft of Mentoring CTO Excellence – with Andy Skipper

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What makes a great Chief Technology Officer? How can tech leaders grow from their challenges to become more productive, more successful, and happier? Sometimes it takes a great coach to help tech execs reach their potential.

Enter Andy Skipper, a seasoned CTO who founded CTO Craft, a global learning and coaching network, to help tech pros around the world “become better leaders through community membership, transformational coaching, mentoring, workshops and events.”

Skipper, who keeps his day job as a senior tech advisor, debunks the myth that “those who cannot do, teach” as he joined Cornel Fatulescu – Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer, for an insightful discussion about the ins and outs of mentoring CTOs and tech leaders.

Watch an insightful ‘CTO Talks’ session: The Craft of Mentoring CTO Excellence.

The conversation covers the following subjects:

  • CTO Craft – On the role of a CTO coach and mentor
  • Andy Skipper’s views on tech strategy
  • Achieving engineering leadership without CTO burnout
  • How to align technology with company objectives, sustainably

Guest:  Andy Skipper – Chief CTO Coach and Founder of CTO Craft

Host: Cornel Fatulescu – Chief Platform Officer at Pentalog

About our speakers

Cornel Fatulescu

Cornel Fatulescu - Host

Cornel is a senior strategist, mentor, and coach with extensive experience in SaaS, two-sided markets, IS transformation, technology due diligence, and leadership of large-scale organizations & technology teams. After Pentalog’s acquisition by Globant, Cornel is currently transitioning to a role of CTO for France & Germany, with a focus on leading the company’s product and technology strategy on the French market.

Andy Skipper

Andy Skipper - Guest

A former serial CTO, Andy Skipper is founder and chief coach at CTO Craft, a community that brings together 8,000 technology leaders from across the world. With a notable background that includes brands such as Made.com and Comic Relief, this mentor is set on sharing his knowledge and teaching others about the senior tech executive role.