PentaBAR: Engineering hypergrowth – Bitpanda’s Head of Dev Shares His Story

PentaBAR: Engineering hypergrowth – Bitpanda’s Head of Dev Shares His Story

What’s it like to develop an innovative fintech product with an exploding user base, scaling for growth without sacrificing user confidence? How does the technical department of a neobroker app look like today?

The answer to these questions – and more, in this PentaBAR episode, where we’ll be joined by Rareș Huțanu, Head of Development for the leading European fintech Bitpanda. He is the manager of a growing engineering team, working closely with the company’s C-level management to bring the best possible user experience to the platform.

The PentaBAR will feature insights on the technical stack and organization established to support the company’s rapid growth. As Bitpanda transformed from a company with a few users and 10 employees, into a big business with almost 2 million users and more than 300 employees, Rareș had to switch from his PHP Developer role to Head of Development.

The presentation will cover:

  • A short intro about Bitpanda
  • The tech stack evolution of a neobroker app
  • Scalability – the highs and the lows
  • Methodology used
  • The future of the app – what’s next?

About PentaBAR:

PentaBAR is an events series designed for those with a passion for technology. It’s a place for professionals to meet and share knowledge.
PentaBAR began as an offline meetup, with the aim of supporting continuous learning and professional development in a relaxed, friendly environment. In June 2020, PentaBAR was relaunched as a virtual event.

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About our speaker

Rares Hutanu

Rares Hutanu - Guest

Rares Hutanu has an interesting personal growth story to tell: from PHP Developer to the Head of Development for the European neobroker Bitpanda.