PentaBAR: GraphQL & React – The game changers for data-driven apps

PentaBAR: GraphQL & React – The game changers for data-driven apps

The story of GraphQL started in 2011, when the smartphone revolution was in full swing. When Facebook started to optimize their mobile experience, their team of engineers faced a problem – because the mobile data connection had high latency and low bandwidth, that resulted into slow user experience. A slow user experience meant that people would spend less time on Facebook.

The solution? A new query language and specification called GraphQL.

Over the last few years, GraphQL was used to all sorts of apps, CRMs and so on, plus it goes hand in hand with React. Looks like a pretty picture, but are they game changers?

In this PentaBAR episode, Victor Manuel Diaz Yanez, Front-End Engineer at Pentalog, will talk about data-driven apps with GraphQL and React. You will discover the benefits that GraphQL-based applications bring to front-end development and the strategies you could implement for your teams to improve product development efficiency and speed.

In this video, Victor will cover the following topics:

  • Intro to GraphQL
  • Data-driven applications with GraphQL
  • Apollo
  • Relay
  • Apollo vs Relay
  • UI Backend-driven approach

About PentaBAR:

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About our speakers

Andreea Tatarus

Andreea Tatarus - Host

Currently the Practices Manager for Pentalog Mexico, Andreea Tatarus is an experienced Product Owner with a solid background in QA and Project Management. She describes herself as an Agile Practitioner, Design Thinking enthusiast and Product Oriented Professional.

Victor Manuel Diaz Yanez

Victor Manuel Diaz Yanez - Guest

Victor Diaz is a Front-end Engineer with 6+ years of experience in creating digital products, familiar with a wide range of technologies.