The CTO’s Playbook for Successful IT Outsourcing, from Decision to Execution

The CTO’s Playbook for Successful IT Outsourcing, from Decision to Execution

About this session

In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, outsourcing IT services has become an increasingly popular solution for companies of all sizes. But for technical leaders tasked with managing this process, it can be a complex and challenging endeavor. That’s why we’ve designed this webinar to provide you with the essential guide to successful IT outsourcing.

During this session, you’ll learn the key principles, best practices, and strategies for effectively outsourcing IT services while minimizing risks and maximizing results. Our expert speaker, Cornel Fatulescu, shares his extensive experience in IT outsourcing, offering insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities.

The agenda covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • How to identify the right outsourcing partner
  • How to define clear objectives and expectations
  • When is the right time to outsource
  • What services can be outsourced
  • How to manage communication and collaboration
  • How to ensure the quality and security of outsourced services
  • How to measure outsourcing success

Whether you’re new to IT outsourcing or looking to improve your current practices, this webinar is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights from a seasoned expert. Watch the video to discover how to make IT outsourcing a success for your organization.

About our speaker

Cornel Fatulescu

Cornel Fatulescu - Host

Cornel is a senior strategist, mentor, and coach with extensive experience in SaaS, two-sided markets, IS transformation, technology due diligence, and leadership of large-scale organizations & technology teams. After Pentalog’s acquisition by Globant, Cornel is currently transitioning to a role of CTO for France & Germany, with a focus on leading the company’s product and technology strategy on the French market.