Leading As a Regional CTO with a Global Mindset with Nicolas Avila

Leading As a Regional CTO with a Global Mindset with Nicolas Avila

About this CTO Talks event

When you hold the position of CTO for North America in a publicly traded company with 30,000 employees and a strong dedication to fostering technological excellence and innovation, your responsibilities are far from easy. The expectations placed upon you are exceptionally high.

During this CTO Talks session, we will discuss the role of a regional CTO and explore the challenges faced by someone like Nicolas. In his role, he is responsible for overseeing client satisfaction, promoting technical brand awareness, managing studios, handling mergers and acquisitions, and the list goes on.

Nicolas Avila has been setting a leadership example for nearly two decades, with the last 13 years spent at Globant. While he openly acknowledges that not every idea is a stroke of genius, he eagerly anticipates sharing his insights on creating an environment where individuals can continually learn and challenge themselves.

Key highlights:

  • How innovation and inspiration are fostered within an outsourcing company and how the CTO can drive technology trends not only to meet client needs but also to anticipate future trends.
  • How growing a culture of teamwork as CTO can eat “sporadic brilliance” for breakfast and will make a far more rewarding, energized, and idea-driven work environment in the process.
  • How using your own inspiration can bring out the best in your team, helping them shine and drive the department, your projects, and the business forward.

About our speakers

Nicolas Avila

Nicolas Avila - Guest

As CTO for North America at Globant, Nicolas Avila is someone who values excellence but also believes that curiosity keeps us humble and always striving to improve. In his role, he enjoys partnering with clients to understand the best way to leverage technology in their business.

Cornel Fatulescu

Cornel Fatulescu - Host

Cornel is a senior strategist, mentor, and coach with extensive experience in SaaS, two-sided markets, IS transformation, technology due diligence, and leadership of large-scale organizations & technology teams. After Pentalog’s acquisition by Globant, Cornel is currently transitioning to a role of CTO for France & Germany, with a focus on leading the company’s product and technology strategy on the French market.