About this 1-hour webinar

How much does a week of missing tech resources cost your business?

Outsourcing may be something you already utilize. But with the financial crisis not expected to end any time soon, it’s vital for decision-makers to maneuver their companies and avoid the inevitable risks that come with it.

Diversifying outsourcing can not only provide you with the best skills at speed but also cost optimization to face inflation. However, expanding your current collaboration model with new external providers needs exploration and careful decision making.

In this webinar, we discuss how to make the right decisions to help your company retain stability, and even gain strength in these uncertain times, with key topics covering:

  • Diversifying staffing solutions
  • How to choose an outsourcing provider
  • How to blend multiple collaboration models
  • In-house management and skills needed

Our expert panel includes:

  • Fred Lasnier, CEO, Pentalog (Host)
  • François Silvain, Digital CTO, Havaianas International (Guest speaker)
  • Cyrille de Lasteyrie, VP of Culture, Pentalog (Moderator)

About our speakers

Frédéric Lasnier

Frédéric Lasnier - Host

Serial entrepreneur, growth hacker and ecology aficionado, Frédéric Lasnier founded Pentalog together with four university mates in 1993 in Orléans, France. Since then, he has set up 10 offices worldwide, enabling Pentalog to become a leading IT engineering service provider with global reach and high growth performance.

François Silvain

François Silvain - Guest

With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, François Silvain, Digital CTO for Havaianas International, is a well-versed technology and product strategist, having led the development of disruptive solutions spanning across multiple sectors such as SaaS, CRM, marketing and mobile.

Cyrille de Lasteyrie

Cyrille de Lasteyrie - Moderator

VP of Company Culture at Pentalog, but also entrepreneur, producer, and blogger, Cyrille de Lasteyrie is a master of different communication techniques and channels that captivate wide audiences through the quality of his messages.