PentaBAR – Sailing Java 15 & 16

PentaBAR – Sailing Java 15 & 16

The rumors of its demise have been vastly overstated.  Rather than fading into obsolescence, Java is suddenly more popular than ever. With new versions on the market, this programming language has proven to be a rule bender, remaining a top favorite for developers old and new.

We invite you to a new PentaBAR Online episode: Sailing Java 15 & Java 16. Software Gardener and modern Java Evangelist, Piotr Przybył discusses along with Dan Avram, Customer Success Manager at Pentalog Brasov, everything that developers need to know about Java 15, and why it’s worth getting comfortable with Java 16.

If you want professional advice on why choosing the latest Java versions would be anyone’s best bet, join our PentaBAR, that includes the following agenda:

  • The most recent Java version – why should you choose them?
  • Bringing changes to the cover (records, smart casting, text blocks)
  • Discussing the ‘under the hood parts’ (new GCs, elastic metaspace)

About PentaBAR:

PentaBAR is an events series designed for those with a passion for technology. It’s a place for professionals to meet and share knowledge.
PentaBAR began as an offline meetup, with the aim of supporting continuous learning and professional development in a relaxed, friendly environment. In June 2020, PentaBAR was relaunched as a virtual event.

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About our speakers

Dan Avram

Dan Avram - Host

As Head of Capacity and Talent Marketing Operations, Dan Avram is responsible for the management of the global talent marketing operations (employer branding, communication, supporting talent acquisition and retention, and sustaining growth with meaning).

Piotr Przybył

Piotr Przybył - Guest

Piotr Przybył is a software Gardener, lead developer, trainer and conference speaker. He is a fan of agility and choosing the right tools and approaches.