PentaBAR – Convince Stubborn Stakeholders that User Research Can Save the Product

Building great products begins with user empathy, knowing what the user really wants. UX and UI design are important, but so is user-centric testing. Getting feedback from real users is an essential for product success, a step which is too often skipped. To learn how it’s done, watch this new PentaBAR episode: Convince Stubborn Stakeholders that User Research Can Save the Product, featuring Mara Dumitru, the Product Design Lead from wefox. Mara is an experienced UX researcher & Product Design Lead at one of Germany’s Fintech unicorns, specializing in user testing. She is the driving force behind the Fintech’s design team, establishing best practices and setting up processes between design and user-facing teams. In this video, she will share her passion & expertise for understanding users by adopting a user-centered approach to create and validate solutions. Mara will showcase a guide that will help identify what and when to test, before it’s too late or gets too expensive:
  • User research – what is it and what it can do for your product?
  • Hands-on tips & tricks on user research
  • The must-follow steps in product success evaluation
  • Making sure you’re creating the best products
  • How to differentiate between a usability test versus value testing
  • How your research can persuade the stakeholder to test the product
The PentaBAR also includes relevant examples from Mara’s experience with wefox, as well as with other companies.

About PentaBAR:

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About our speaker

Mara Dumitru

Mara Dumitru - Guest

Mara Dumitru is an experienced UX researcher & Product Design Lead, specialized in user testing. She has a background in user-centered product management.

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