Product Strategy in Hypergrowth: A CPO’s Story

Product Strategy in Hypergrowth: A CPO’s Story

About this PentaBAR Event

How do you handle product growth when you’re a unicorn startup integrating two brands? Watch this video to hear from Sam Love, Chief Product Officer of a German insurtech, who tells us how she pushes herself to the limit to deliver the ambitious goals of a startup in hypergrowth.

After receiving massive Series-C funding, wefox, Europe’s leading digital insurer focused on innovation initiatives to support international growth and deliver a more coherent product experience by merging brands and upgrading legacy systems.

Learn from wefox’s Chief Product Officer, Sam Love, about the challenges of setting up and scaling a strategy designed to lead product growth while keeping the customer experience top-of-mind.

The session covers: 

  • Tips for large-scale product strategy and product backlog
  • Advice on building and managing teams to support hypergrowth
  • Challenges and lessons learned when scaling up strategy
  • A day in a Chief Product Officer’s life

About our speakers

Andreea Tatarus

Andreea Tatarus - Host

Currently the Practices Manager for Pentalog Mexico, Andreea Tatarus is an experienced Product Owner with a solid background in QA and Project Management. She describes herself as an Agile Practitioner, Design Thinking enthusiast and Product Oriented Professional.

Sam Love

Sam Love - Guest

Sam Love is an experienced technology leader and strategic thinker when it comes to managing products and projects. As Chief Product Officer, she has led teams of product managers, data analysts and engineers, delivering successful products in industries such as financial services, media and retail.