PentaBAR: Records & Tuples will improve React

PentaBAR: Records & Tuples will improve React

This PentaBAR episode talks about Records and Tuples, a stage-2 proposal that brings deeply immutable data structures to JavaScript, allowing for extended benefits for React.js.

The speaker, Sébastien Lorber, is a ReactJS expert and Open-source developer collaborating with Facebook.
As an early adopter of React.js in 2014, he is a passionate contributor to the growth of its open-source ecosystem.

In this presentation, Sébastien will deep dive into explaining how Records & Tuples can deal with known React issues, such as:

  • Performance – Re-renders that can be avoided
  • Behavior – Useless effect re-executions, infinite loops
  • API surface – Inability to express when a stable object identity matters.

The PentaBAR will include two demos that show how the Records & Tuples proposal can improve React code.

About PentaBAR:

PentaBAR is an events series designed for those with a passion for technology. It’s a place for professionals to meet and share knowledge.
PentaBAR began as an offline meetup, with the aim of supporting continuous learning and professional development in a relaxed, friendly environment. In June 2020, PentaBAR was relaunched as a virtual event.

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About our speaker

Sebastien Lorber

Sebastien Lorber - Guest

A popular PentaBAR speaker, Sebastien Lorber is an open-source enthusiast and the lead maintainer for Facebook’s React-based static site generator, Docusaurus.