Hacking Poorly Written Code – Live!

Hacking Poorly Written Code – Live!

About this exclusive event

Do you know how easy it is to find data about a company online, then exploit that data?

In this PentaBAR webinar, Cristian-Nicolae CORNEA and Gabriel PUIU, Pentalog security collaborators, simulate how to hack poorly written code to demonstrate the importance of secure code best practices.

Using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), these experts show you how a hacker can identify potential weaknesses, get access to the software, then find a template injection vulnerability and exploit it to escalate the attack and gain full access to the machine/server.

To safeguard your data and your company in a world where cyberattacks are multiplying, watch this session and learn how to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities through secure coding.

About our speakers

Gabriel Puiu

Gabriel Puiu - Speaker

Gabriel PUIU is a Cybersecurity consultant with extensive experience in ​​Penetration Testing, OSINT, Cyber Intelligence, Security Operations, and Training.

Cristian-Nicolae Cornea

Cristian-Nicolae Cornea - Speaker

Cristian-Nicolae CORNEA is an experienced Penetration Tester with varied expertise, from finding vulnerabilities in web applications to breaking into the Cloud.