Fundamental Software Design Principles for Quality Coding

Fundamental Software Design Principles for Quality Coding

About this PentaBAR Event

Software engineering may be an art, but without proper guidelines, delivering quality code can become a struggle. To keep their work moving in the right direction, smart developers trust Robert Martin’s (a.k.a. Uncle Bob’s) rules for writing good code.

This PentaBAR event offers a 2-hour deep-dive into the basics of Uncle Bob’s discipline of object-oriented programming, as well as the equally important object-oriented design principles, which every programmer should master.

Join PentaBAR alumnus, Software Architect Eduard Ghergu, in an in-depth presentation about clean code best practices.

This webinar touches on the following principles:

  • Useful acronyms: SOLID, DRY, POLA, KISS, YAGNI, TDA
  • The Boy Scout Rule
  • Encapsulation
  • The Hollywood principle
  • Persistence Ignorance
  • Separation of Concerns
  • Stable Dependencies
  • Law of Demeter (LoD)
  • Loose Coupling, High cohesion

The PentaBAR’s agenda:

  1. The importance of Software Design Principles
  2. 14 Common Principles: what, how, and code samples
  3. Summary of the fundamental principles
  4. Q & A session

About our speaker

Eduard Ghergu

Eduard Ghergu - Software Architect

Eduard Ghergu is a Software Architect with more than 24 years’ experience in software development, passionate about technology, blogging and clean architecture.