C-level Communication: One Proven Tool for Success

C-level Communication: One Proven Tool for Success

About this PentaBAR event

Effective communication at every level, from employees to top management, is essential for C-suite executives in any company.

Studies show that good communicators are more likely to advance in their career and have a positive reputation with their colleagues; thus, improving overall productivity and collaboration across the organization.

To level up your C-level communication skills, watch Carol Palombini’s session tackling the importance of developing and maintaining good communication skills at C-suite executive level.

This is the first episode of the Executive Coaching Bootcamp that enables your access to tips and tools that help you stay ahead of the game by improving your strategic mindset, productivity, and emotional intelligence.

Agenda details:

  • Strategic communication versus reactive communication
  • Mindset change
  • AIM (Audience-Intent-Message) Framework
  • Bad communication habits list
  • Communication strategies to drive people to action by sorting out the problems, the benefits, the unique value proposition, the solution, and the call to action

About our speaker

Carol Palombini

Carol Palombini - Host

Carol Palombini is a highly experienced Psychologist with over two decades of expertise in human development. Her mission is to empower individuals to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and discover new perspectives in their lives.