UX/UI Design: Strategy implementation for adidas B2B customers

UX/UI Design: Strategy implementation for adidas B2B customers

When it comes to B2B digital products, user experience is not always the focus. Whether the fault stems from legacy software or a lack of experience, UX/UI is a factor e-commerce companies ignore at their peril.

It turns out that, even when users are not the end customers, high-quality user experience can be just as critical for product success. The pandemic has not only changed the way we all shop online but has also put pressure on companies to reconsider the importance of user experience for internal collaborators and external partners.

A company that invests in a user-friendly B2B design shows that it cares, making users happy that they are being heard and able to participate in improving platforms. User happiness leads to loyalty, engagement and – ultimately – an increase in customer sales.

In this PentaBAR event, you will learn how UX/UI strategy for B2B products can help build a smooth customer journey across business touch points.

Find out about the challenges that arise from the implementation of a strategy, the establishment of a UX/UI common workflow and tools, or the creation of a data-driven customer-centric design, from Pentalog’s Head of Growth and Innovation Services Europe, Charline Robbe.

Charline will be joined by Phillip Stucki – Director of Tech Project Management for Customer Experience & Commerce at adidas. Together, they will discuss the client’s vision and walk through the action plan established to create a good user experience for the end customers of the client’s B2B retail platform.

The PentaBAR is moderated by Cyrille de Lasteyrie, Company Culture VP at Pentalog.

The agenda covers:

  • The initial goals of the UX/UI transition for the adidas project;
  • The steps that went into planning and executing the design;
  • Real-life: what works & what needs to be adjusted in a project of this type;
  • What’s next for the design team in the adidas project?
  • Conclusions and takeaways

About our speakers

Charline Robbe

Charline Robbe - Guest

As Head of Growth and Innovation Services, Charline Robbe assists companies in designing innovative digital products.

Phillip Stucki

Phillip Stucki - Guest

As the Director of Tech Project Management for Customer Experience & Commerce at Adidas, Phillip Stucki helps build high performing teams that create incredible products.

Cyrille de Lasteyrie

Cyrille de Lasteyrie - Host

VP of Company Culture at Pentalog, but also entrepreneur, producer, and blogger, Cyrille de Lasteyrie is a master of different communication techniques and channels that captivate wide audiences through the quality of his messages.