Spring and Hibernate 6 Migration

Spring and Hibernate 6 Migration

About this PentaBAR event

More and more development teams are migrating their persistence layers to Spring 6, Spring Boot 3, or Hibernate 6.

But is it worth upgrading to the latest versions of Spring and Hibernate?

In this exclusive webinar, Java Champion, author, and lecturer Vlad Mihalcea provides valuable tips for a smooth transition, explaining everything you need to know about Spring and Hibernate 6 migration so you can make informed decisions.

The presentation covers:
– Java 17 best practices
– Jakarta Persistence 3.0 and 3.1
– What is new in Hibernate 6
– What is new in Spring 6 and Spring Data JPA 3  

The optimizations and new features listed in this exclusive webinar address many of your daily data access requirements. 

About our speaker

Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea - Host

Vlad Mihalcea is a Java Champion, author, and lecturer, as well as a top contributor to the Hibernate project. He also created a software company that offers optimization software, training and consulting.