Transactions & Concurrency Control

Transactions & Concurrency Control

After 30 years of relational database management, Transactions & Concurrency Control is still “uncharted territory” for many back-end developers. Yet this topic is paramount for data integrity.

If you need to understand the inner workings of the database system, its concurrency control design choices (e.g. 2PL, MVCC), transaction isolation levels, and locking schemes, this webinar is for you.

Watch a 1-hour PentaBAR webinar that takes on the relevance of data integrity, an important component for many enterprise applications: Transactions and Concurrency Control.

Java Champion, author, and lecturer Vlad Mihalcea explains what data anomalies can happen depending on the transaction isolation level, with references to Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. He also demonstrates that database transactions are not enough and presents multiple application-level transaction patterns.

In the final act of this presentation, our speaker talks about Concurrency Control strategies used in the Hibernate second-level caching mechanism, which can boost performance without compromising strong consistency.

About our speaker

Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea - Host

Vlad Mihalcea is a Java Champion, author, and lecturer, as well as a top contributor to the Hibernate project. He also created a software company that offers optimization software, training and consulting.