Clean Code, Two Decades Later

A webinar series filled with clean coding examples

About this PentaBAR series

Robert C. Martin’s handbook on Clean Code principles has no doubt revolutionized the way software developers write code. But how do the best agile practices for software craftsmanship stand the test of time, more than 20 years after they were shared with the world by ‘Uncle Bob’? Can software engineering still have a human-first approach, as everyday changes bring about modern apps building challenges?

Independent Trainer & Consultant and JAVA Architect, Victor Rentea, will address these questions and more, in a specially curated webinar series designed for enthusiast developers.

The sessions do not cover basic topics, so previous contact with Clean Code principles is essential.

This webinar series tackles the following subjects:

  1. Divergent code
  2. Discovering abstractions
  3. Immutability in practice
  4. Protecting the domain

Enjoy a 4-part webinar series aiming to provide an insightful presentation of Clean Code principles and patterns that are most impactful for the current day-to-day practice of a software engineer.

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About our speaker

Victor Rentea

Victor Rentea - Technical Trainer & Consultant

Victor Rentea is a Technical Trainer & Consultant and a Java Champion with 20+ years of experience in software development. To share his passion for Clean Code and Unit Testing, he founded Bucharest Software Craftmanship Community, one of the largest communities of developers in Romania.

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Registration is required to watch the webinars free of charge