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Building a Unicorn: The CTO of wefox shares his learnings – featuring Sergi Baños Lara

About this exclusive PentaBAR

wefox is a fast-growing German startup turned Unicorn that is disrupting the insurance industry across Europe, using more technology for straight-through processing towards international innovation.

But who is behind the technological success of this leading digital insurance company? And what are the future plans of this Insurtech Unicorn that is reinventing insurance at scale, turning a non-engaging product into a customer-centric one?

Join a new CTO Talks session featuring Sergi Baños Lara, Chief Technology Officer of wefox, and Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer, Cornel Fatulescu.

The discussion focuses on Sergi Baños’s seven-year journey from being the first employee of the Berlin-based startup, to becoming its CTO and leading five successful fundraisings.

If you have an executive-level role and are looking for insights into the life of a CTO managing the growth of Europe’s number 1 Insurtech, we invite you to watch Building a Unicorn: The CTO of wefox shares his learnings.

Our discussion covers:

  • The CTO in a digital insurance company – roles and duties
  • Sergi Baños Lara’s views on tech strategy
  • Leadership at wefox
  • Technological disruption in the world of insurance

Guest:  Sergi Baños Lara – Chief Technology Officer at wefox

Host: Cornel Fatulescu – Chief Platform Officer at Pentalog

About our speakers

Cornel Fatulescu

Cornel Fatulescu - Host

Cornel is a senior strategist, mentor, and coach with extensive experience in SaaS, two-sided markets, IS transformation, technology due diligence, and leadership of large-scale organizations & technology teams. After Pentalog’s acquisition by Globant, Cornel is currently transitioning to a role of CTO for France & Germany, with a focus on leading the company’s product and technology strategy on the French market.

Sergi Baños Lara

Sergi Baños Lara - Guest

A self-proclaimed ‘geek’, Sergi Baños Lara started as one of wefox’s first employees, helping its founders build the German-based startup. In his seven-year career at this Insurtech leader, he went from intern to CTO, learning the fundamentals and challenges of both insurance and leadership.