Pentalog Pricing Model

The IT outsourcing services powered by the Pentalog digital platform are custom designed to meet our clients’ business goals and help them achieve up to 40% cost savings. Daily rates for a junior developer start at EUR 125 / USD 155 and the average daily rate for an experienced software developer lies at around EUR 250. Onsite performance is carried out at a daily rate that includes all travel costs. Even so, it remains lower than the average rate for local resources in Western countries.

The Pentalog pricing model reflects a balance between the level of investment necessary to ensure high client satisfaction and the cost savings we manage to achieve thanks to efficient internal management tools and practices.


Because we believe transparency is crucial to gain and build trust with our business partners, each year, Pentalog issues a complete price catalog detailing over 500 rates in EUR and USD for our IT outsourcing services. It covers our teams’ expertise in web app, mobile solution and embedded system development, IT consulting and cloud computing.

This catalog has become an influential reference document as it contributes to determining and adjusting IT outsourcing prices on the global market.

Fair prices

Pentalog does not seek to offer the lowest prices on the market. We instead keep a competitive position while remaining dedicated to high quality standards and up-to-date software infrastructure combined with high employee satisfaction and low attrition rates.

Human resources are one of the cornerstones of our business. We invest in top quality equipment and offer our employees fair salaries that meet local labor market standards, as well as a rewarding bonus system and continuous professional training.

We also make sure to stay in line with the trends of the local economy in our clients’ countries of origin. Prices are reviewed each year and adjusted according to currency exchange rate evolutions.

Internal process optimization

Pentalog has always implemented innovative internal processes and tools to keep overhead costs as low as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we have set up digitization and industrialization models for recruitment, marketing and sales. Our streamlined processes and practices are designed for maximum cost and time efficiency as well as ease of use and have been the norm for a long time now.

We scale our premises up as quickly as possible in order to reach and keep a size (office space, number of employees) that allows us to optimize management-related budgets. The generated savings can then be invested in what brings direct added-value to our clients.

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