Software for IP Management

Agile software development in C# for a software publisher in the field of intellectual property management

Client location Luxembourg, Europe

Business area Intellectual Property

Product Software

Delivery center Iasi, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

Our client is a software publisher in the field of intellectual property (IP) management. Their worldwide service range offers both legal and portfolio services, as well as strategic IP consulting and cutting-edge software solutions for effective IP management.


Technologies used

The challenge

The client already had an existing software for IP management, however a decision has been made to create a new product from scratch, with cutting edge technologies. The client was impressed with the technical and organizational skills they found at Pentalog and decided to develop this project with us.

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ip management

The solution

The final product should handle the following business requirements:

  1. Registration of Customer
  2. Registration of Agents
  3. Management of the Intellectual Property rights
  4. Client Letters and Reports
  5. Billing and Payments
  6. Migration of the old data stores to the new database

The results

The main goal of this project was to create a high quality product and this has been achieved by using the following tools and practices:

  • Scrumban – an agile framework created by combining Scrum roles and artefacts
  • Kanban’s continuous development flow
  • Test Driven Development – ensures about 90% code coverage
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment – immediate feedback from the final users
  • CQRS architecture – combined with Domain Driven Design ensures a very decoupled and distributed system.
Cristian Neghina
Customer Success Manager

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