Optimizing OTT Performance with High Tech Product Testing

Client location Gentilly, France

Business area OTT

Product Software

Delivery center Hanoi, Vietnam

Project type Equipe dédiée de 4

About the client

Founded in 2003, French company Anevia, developers of the well-known VLC Media Player, provide Over the Top (OTT) and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) streaming services to customers in the hotel industry, hospital sector, for telecommunication operators (live TV, triple pay) and television channels.With headquarters in Gentilly, France and regional offices in the U.S. and Dubai, Anevia provides clean, low-latency, next-generation video content.Their encoding and CDN solutions allow users to livestream, record, fast-forward and rewind television content, helping telecom operators compete with OTT pure players such as Netflix and Hulu.


The challenge

People around the world have been consuming video content for decades. As the demand for this type of content increases, providers must consistently improve their service offerings to keep existing customers and attract new ones.

To serve this evolving community, Anevia emerged as a market leader in non-linear video streaming.  But, before scaling and reinventing the way viewers watch TV, the company was faced with an issue: how to gain access to full-time IT energy while avoiding the time and cost obligations associated with traditional onboarding?

Company-wide IT requirements are complex and cannot be met with “cookie cutter” solutions. While Anevia’s had some internal testing capacity, the company needed a boost of human resources to dedicate themselves to a full-time project – something they lacked in-house.

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The solution

Anevia first turned to Pentalog for product testing, carried out by a dedicated outsourced team of 5 QA specialists based at Pentalog’s delivery center in Hanoi, Vietnam. The team maintained the performance of Anevia's existing software and hardware prototypes according to guidelines and preset tests established by them.

These tests ensured optimum service and compatibility between the clients’ already marketed products, the last set-top-box adjustments and those of the end users’ equipment.
The project scope included:

  • Test Specification: Writing new test cases & updating existing ones
  • Testing Activities: Performing tests (manual, performance & automated)
  • Test Script Development: Automation of already stable test scenarios

At the end of 2009, the collaboration kicked off with a one-month mission carried out by Pentalog’s project manager at the customer’s office in France. During this period, the project director was trained on the use of the Anevia’s products, technologies and defined the outline of the test organization. In January 2010, after returning to Vietnam, the Pentalog project manager trained the outsourced team of testers and spearheaded the implementation of the testing platform.

After the successful completion of the product testing mission, Anevia decided to ramp up the team from 5 to 8 and add another project onto the scope of the collaboration. The new project included Cloud Monitoring, carried out by one developer in Python & one Scrum Master.

Anevia already had a Cloud Monitoring platform, but wanted to improve it with more functionalities since their product was gaining users fast. After 3 months, the PO found there were still a lot of things that could be done. Now, after 2 more years they still have features they want to implement.” – Minh Tran – Scrum Master, Cloud Monitoring Project

Anevia x SkillValue
Our dedicated teams worked in such a cohesive manner, it motivated Anevia to deploy the use of Pentalog’s very own IT testing platform by SkillValue, our HR-based foundation.

Beginning in 2014, Anevia administered over 350 IT SkillValue quizzes and tests for technologies such as Linux, PHP, Python & C++ to assess prospective employees and in-house team members. Hiring managers found that by using the SkillValue platform, they not only avoided time and money investments associated with the traditional sourcing process, but found great matches in candidates they would have otherwise overlooked.

"The tests have allowed us to pick and sort matching candidates from a technical point of view with sometimes downright surprising results. For instance, we were able to identify an unlikely candidate who scored a 29/30 in the Linux test although he had been initially overlooked during the interview phase.” – Arnaud Demey, Project Director

The results

As their roadmap lengthens, the Anevia x Pentalog collaboration is a continued success thanks to the professional chemistry and harmony between the client and dedicated Hanoi team. SLA application and the agility approach to work processes are continuously implemented to improve the project help the teams become even more efficient.

Our client not only benefited from Pentalog’s experience in high-tech product testing and cutting edge skill assessment tools, a Pentalog consultant with vast experience in the field visited Anevia’s HQ’s in France to help define the organization of tests.

The project director, project manager and client still regularly attend follow-up meetings to ensure a transparency in the partnership and the continued success of the project.

Tuong Nguyen Manh
Customer Success Manager

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