Architecting and implementing an AWS solution for an innovative ecosystem of MedTech solutions.

Client location Ile de France, France

Business area MedTech

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Guadalajara, Mexico

Project type AWS Migration

About the client

Founded in 2017, MyPL is a French corporation which offers digital solutions for providing cancer experts with comprehensive patient data, helping to optimize their decisions concerning protocols and treatments. MyPL provides its services principally to hospitals through digital applications, where staff can use dashboards to monitor data processed through Machine Learning. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The challenge

The applications produced by MyPL have a number of strong backend requirements: 

  • Scalability: the infrastructure must support computation for a large number of hospitals while ensuring reasonable costs for the Start-up model of MyPL. Therefore, scalability is important to ensure that expenses are only engaged when they are required. 
  • Security: since MyPL applications store and compute client personal data, they require a secure infrastructure with HIPAA and HDS compliance. 
  • Big Data: due to the high volume of data, MyPL requires big data architecture components, such as a Data Lake for storage and real-time data processing. 
  • Artificial Intelligence: the medical professionals who use MyPL expect to monitor their patients and be advised on treatments with good outcomes for similar cases. This explains why Machine Learning and algorithms play a big role in the value proposition.  
  • Interoperability: for some of its services, MyPL had contracted with software providers in order not to reinvent the wheel and focus on their added value. Thus, the required architecture must facilitate high interoperability. 

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AWS solution

The solution

Pentalog was contacted by MyPL to architect and implement their solution. AWS was recommended, because of its compliance with all the requirements, its competitive cost, and its capacity to support innovation.   

AWS architecture is based on a model of hybrid serverless and containers, leveraging the following services: Lambda, Fargate, API Gateway, Cognito, Firehose, Lake Formation, SageMaker, SQS, WAF, Application Load Balancers, S3, ElasticSearch, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CloudWatch, Certificate Manager, Web Application Firewall, CloudFront. 

The results

Through AWS, the infrastructure of MyPL is built on an infrastructure that is HIPAA- and HDS-compliant, and that ensures cost-efficient scalability during peak computation. 

With AWS Lake Formation, this architecture can host a huge amount of data, and process it in real time with Firehose.  

Finally, MyPL is able to interoperate with external vendors and hospitals in a secure and scalable way. 

Mario Eduardo RUIZ LOERA
Customer Success Manager

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