Technical assistance in core banking, internet banking, and reporting modules

Client location Bucharest, Romania

Business area Finance

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Bucharest, Romania

Project type Agile consulting & development

About the client

BRD is the Romanian subsidiary of Société Générale, a French multinational investment banking and financial services company. With over 930 delivery centers and 8,750 employees worldwide, BRD is customer-focused with the goal of becoming the market standard.


Technologies used

The challenge

BRD contacted Pentalog for technical assistance with various components of the bank’s information systems, including project owner assistance and development.

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banking information system

The solution

Since 2007, an eight-person Pentalog team has provided technical service for many elements of BRD’s information system. Our engineers in Romania have focused on the development and support of all platform functionalities, internal web app and internet banking, data retrieval function, processing and loading.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Application development, analysis, and project management for core banking, internet banking, data retrieval, processing and loading, and reporting-related systems;
  • Development of new functionalities and maintenance of existing functionalities on the core banking module in Cobol on the Unix/Informix platform
  • Web development for internet banking – proprietary web scripting language, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Development and maintenance of in-house web applications in PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS, CSS
  • Data retrieval, processing and loading – Informatica PowerCenter, shell scripting
  • Reporting – SAS, Informatica PowerCenter, shell scripting

Business Analyst Reporting - SAS Enterprise Guide, Microsoft Office

The results

Pentalog’s team provided the necessary expertise and skills to support our client’s business growth challenges and endeavors:

  • Core skills in banking features and related technologies
  • An organization suited to quickly meet the scalability needs of fixed-price projects
  • On-time deliveries
  • Excellent quality code
  • Rigorous project-related change management
Emilian-Valentin Bordea
Customer Success Manager

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