Launch of a call center

Client location Paris, France

Business area Telecom

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Chisinau, Moldova

Project type Cloud

About the client

A pioneer in offshoring to Eastern Europe, Netizencall was established in Chisinau, Moldova, in 2004 and was later acquired by a French company in 2008. They have developed a full line of services adapted to therequirements of their clients, including companies from France and elsewhere, to support them in achieving their goals.

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The challenge

Netizencall is a French call center company specializing in remote multi-lingual and multi-channel customer relations. Netizencall enlisted Pentalog for the launch and start-up of their new high-performance, scalable and growth-adapted call center that started with 80 work stations.

Thanks to voice over IP, a component of Pentalog’s cloud computing offering, Netizencall provides call center services in French, Romanian, Russian, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Netizencall turned to Pentalog in 2013 to create a new call center in Chisinau. They entrusted our team with preparing the building, undertaking network wiring, purchasing computers and implementing a VoIP phone solution. In addition to creating the physical call center, we offered them a cloud-based phone service.

One of our consultants visited the client’s site in Moldova to assess the entire project. Pentalog then made an offer for the construction of the site. We relied on our ability and experience in creating and wiring our own delivery centers. The experience of the Pentalog engineers on similar projects and their fluency in four different languages (French, English, Romanian, and Russian) reassured our client.

In practical terms, we prepared 80 work stations with 160 network ports. The initial capacity of the phone platform was 80 simultaneous calls. We separated voice from data traffic. Netizencall now uses four internet service providers on site to reduce risks and ensure consistency.

In the event of provider error, voice and data streams are automatically routed through another provider. The high performance of the phone platform and the solutions Pentalog implemented around this platform make it possible to manage their call center efficiently today.

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The solution

The Pentalog team worked on implementing the following components:

  • Operator work stations with all-in-one PCs, VoIP phones, and headsets
  • Data and voice networks with structural wiring and passive/active equipment for a total of 168 network ports supporting 80 simultaneous calls
  • Four fiber-optic connections and an active directory service server
  • A phone platform in the Pentalog Cloud supporting 80 simultaneous calls and an SIP trunking link with a French carrier
  • Netizencall chose a VoIP phone solution with all of the functions of a traditional phone system, plus advanced functions
  • Incoming/outgoing internal and external calls with the option of masking external number and identity by the operator of the number called
  • Call transfer
  • Multiple simultaneous calls per work station
  • Call interception
  • Recording of calls
  • Voice messaging
  • Teleconferencing
  • Call report
  • Limits on internal communication
  • Wait lists
  • General rings
  • Call transfers and connections
  • Limits on external access by group

To guarantee the scalability of the platform, we also took into account certain developments desired by our client:

  • A VoIP platform ready to be integrated with a CRM and CTI
  • On-demand recording of calls, supervision of work stations, covert call monitoring, and intervention in conversations
  • The option of connecting the client’s sites in France with the same platform
  • The option of migrating French numbers to the Netizencall SIP trunk
  • The option of providing external numbers for countries other than France (Italy, Russia, etc.)

The results

Netizencall was heavily involved in outlining what their needs were. The client was thoroughly satisfied with the phone solution that was deployed within two months. It is powerful, scalable, and adapted to the company’s growth. This VoIP phone solution helped Netizencall reduce its costs. The Pentalog teams provide optimum service quality and assistance.

Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

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