Teams Up with Pentalog to Create Connected MedTech Devices

Client location Paris, France

Business area Healthcare

Product IoT

Delivery center Iasi, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

BewellConnect, a Paris-based company, made its grand debut in 2007 with their release of ThermoFlash, the first thermometer capable of taking someone’s temperature without making any physical contact. The H1N1 outbreak in 2009 and the Ebola outbreak in 2014 saw the ThermoFlash deployed by different organizations around the world. BewellConnect did not stop there; they have continued creating a wide range of diagnostic tools including a product called MyECG that won the 2016 CES in Las Vegas.

All their MedTech devices are connected to a single mobile app named after the company where users can track their data from all of BewellConnect’s connected devices, get a diagnosis and even contact a doctor. They have also developed hundreds of other non-connected medical products.


Technologies used

The challenge

Combining medical expertise with mobile technology results in innovative MedTech devices. However, one of the biggest challenges of creating these products is setting up a collaboration framework between medical and IT development experts.

BewellConnect had a multitude of ideas for creating new medical devices. However, they needed the knowledge of medical workers and the technical know-how of developers to transform their ideas into actual products.

The challenge BewellConnect faced from an IT perspective was to combine their devices with mobile technology. They had been working together with medical professionals since they began working on the ThermoFlash but did not have the IT developers and expertise they needed to make this happen. Overall, BewellConnect needed help creating an application capable of connecting all of their various MedTech devices and collecting / organizing user data collected by these devices.

To build a bridge between IT and medicine, BewellConnect teamed up with a number of doctors and other medical workers while forming a partnership with one of Pentalog’s development teams in Romania. The result was a multidisciplinary team capable of making innovative medical devices that capitalize on all the latest advances in mobile technology.

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The solution

Based on a recommendation, BewellConnect decided to partner up with a Pentalog development team in Iasi, Romania, for the IT expertise they needed to inject mobile technology into their MedTech products.

This collaboration started with a team of 4 developers and a scrum master in 2014. The team ramped up every year and by 2017 the project included 14 developers, 5 testers, 2 scrum masters, a product director, and two product owners. This large group of developers worked using Scrum methodologies, with product releases every two weeks.

Product releases include demos that allowed BewellConnect to make comments and give feedback about the team’s work. In addition to this, regular meetings between the Pentalog product director and BewellConnect helped facilitate communication and steer the project. Our product owners also communicated with BewellConnect on a daily basis to create a backlog that was then communicated to the development team during daily scrum meetings.

All of this was complemented by the proximity of Iasi to Paris. With an only one-hour time difference, the development team had almost the entire workday in common with BewellConnect.

The results

With the project organization described above, Pentalog was able to help BewellConnect make a lot of progress with their mobile connectivity. The first project our devs focused on was the client’s BewellConnect app – the tool connecting all of the company’s devices to one central location. This application already existed on the marketplace before Pentalog got involved, but it was a basic version that lacked the features that can be found today. Pentalog redesigned the entire application from scratch, adding functionality for all of BewellConnect’s connected MedTech devices including their MyGluco, MyThermo, MyTensio, MyOxy, MyECG devices.

Each time BewellConnect created a new connected product the Pentalog developers had to create a new section with the corresponding functionalities for the device on the BewellConnect app. Pentalog’s devs also created the BewellCheckup app that diagnoses a user by using their data as well as a questionnaire. Since more and more devices were added, more and more developers were needed to update the app which is how the Pentalog team came to include 24 members at its peak.

In addition to the application work, Pentalog helped develop VisioCheck, one of the client’s connected MedTech devices. VisioCheck is the world’s first connected mobile telemedicine station. It is a diagnostic tool that incorporates all of the tools needed to make the needed measurements to diagnose a patient. VisioCheck incorporates an ECG, a no contact thermometer, an oximeter, glucometer, and an automatic tensiometer all into one product weighing less than 300 grams. It has internet connectivity to send and receive data and also a camera to allow videoconferencing, creating a mobile medical station that can be deployed anywhere with an internet connection.

Overall, Pentalog and BewellConnect teamed up, combining mobile technology with medical expertise to create innovative MedTech products. BewellConnect appreciates our adaptability as our team members have been able to react and change focus quickly every time they came with a new idea. This proactivity is largely due to our Agile discipline. We continue working together in combining the worlds of medicine and mobile technology as we work together into the future.

Cristian Neghina
Customer Success Manager

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