Pentalog help EasyVista derisk its IT provision, increase production and grow an Agile culture

Client location Paris, France

Business area Software

Product SaaS

Delivery center Iasi, Romania

Project type Development

About the client

Based in France, the client is a Software editor in Finance and HR and provides innovative and sustainable ITSM and ITOM solutions.  

The Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for ITSM Platforms named EasyVista as a Niche Player for 2022. 


Technologies used

The challenge

The client's aim was to accelerate on a specific project and help its teams to strengthen their skills to take on new responsibilities. It was also an opportunity to secure its development, allowing it to launch big technical projects. 

By integrating external developers, our client’s ambition was to show the internal team a way to do things differently. A way to help them learn a different mindset and grow an Agile culture.  

However, securing resource through traditional recruitment methods would lack the flexibility needed in the fast-paced, quick-changing environment. 

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software development

The solution

To begin with, Pentalog collaborated with the client to create a small team to build a new API to facilitate the integration and migration of customers coming from other solutions.  

The team was so successful that the client very quickly asked them to work on multiple other areas of the software and bug fixing. At its height, Pentalog outsourced +20 individuals to work alongside the internal teams.  

Successful completions to date include: 

  • API for HR and Finance 
  • New talent review for HR  
  • Multiple new features for Finance  
  • Multiple new integration for HR system 

The results

All projects were delivered on time, despite new requests or scope changes. 

Pentalog’s responsive, quick-thinking, supportive, and solution-oriented approach has enabled the client to merge and integrate projects in production and serving multiple customers at the same time. 

With Pentalog’s Project Manager providing regular monthly feedback on the projects and mood of the teams, the relationship was open and constructive. Pentalog’s flexible, experienced team were able to answer propositions, quickly adapt to the client's processes, and provide regular feedback to ensure transparency.  

The client is 100% satisfied with the Pentalog resource provided – providing a 5/5 score across all services and making specific mention of our consistent and punctual delivery and for accommodating all requests, and scope changes. 

" Pentalog was consistent in delivering on time and accommodating all requests and scope changes. The flexible team was quick to adapt to the client's processes. They are responsive, quick-thinking, supportive, and solution oriented."  - Michael Cohen | CTO EasyVista  

Cristian Neghina
Customer Success Manager

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