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Client location Pennsylvania, USA

Business area Education

Product Platform

Delivery center Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Project type Development 

About the client

The client provides a dedicated platform for healthcare professionals that aims to educate and inform them throughout their careers via articles, podcasts, videos and online radio.   

The platform was awarded best media brand for healthcare professionals for the third time at the 2022 MM+M Awards (Medical Marketing and Media). The personalization of the user experience, quality of design, and ability to respond to the needs of users were Jury highlights.  


The challenge

To improve the platform’s user experience, the client wanted to create multiple sites to address each medical topic (e.g. oncology, neurology, etc.).  

They also wanted to upgrade the native mobile applications, which had been developed by another provider but didn’t meet their requirements. 

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The solution

The client first called on 2 Pentalog back-end developers to evaluate the platform's legacy code.  

In order to refactor while developing new websites and adding new functionalities, the Pentalog development team gradually grew to include 3 back-end developers, 4 front-end developers, 4 testers, 1 Scrum Master, 1 Product Owner and 5 mobile developers. 

The results

Thanks to the various skills offered by Pentalog, the client has multiplied its traffic by 7 and tripled its revenues.  

During 6 years of collaboration, ten websites have been developed by Pentalog's Agile team. On the recommendation of Pentalog's marketing and growth specialists, radio stations and podcasts were also created.  

To reduce the client's technical debt, the codes of the native mobile applications and the platform were improved to increase readability and performance. 

The platform's various databases were merged to automate all the client's marketing actions.  

In addition to the creation of a new site, and refactoring and development of new features, the client wanted to be accompanied by the Pentalog Team to improve the quality of the code and technically support their expansion into Europe. 

Accustomed to working with service providers, the client emphasized the high level of expertise, involvement and maturity of Pentalog’s experts. The respect of deadlines, flexibility, transparency and communication are also among the qualities noted.    

Mihai Cimpean
Customer Success Manager

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