An e-learning platform

Chooses Pentalog to diversify its offer and create a white label platform

Client location Baltimore, USA

Business area Education

Product Web platform

Delivery center Chisinau, Moldova

Project type Development

About the client

A learning platform offers American students access to as many online courses as they want for less than $100 a month. As a result, more than 150,000 students sign up for the platform every year to learn new skills or earn credits from one of its 2,000 partner universities.  

In 2012, the startup raised $10 million in Series B funding. 


Technologies used

The challenge

In order to diversify its offer, the client wanted to develop a second white label platform for companies and universities to offer their courses and training online, then manage them without having to bear the costs of an infrastructure and its maintenance.  

However, the internal development team's time was 100% dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of the student platform. The client decided to launch a new recruitment process to expand its team, but this quickly ran into market difficulties, such as the scarcity of skills and recruitment delays.

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e-learning platform

The solution

To avoid losing time marketing its white label platform, the client entrusted its development to Pentalog.  

The size and skills of the Pentalog team were adapted as the new platform evolved. With 20 engineers initially, this grew to 55 in a few months (developers, DevOps engineers, architect, etc.). To continuously deliver new developments, the Pentalog team focused its efforts on QA Automation and CI/CD.  

The client quickly observed Pentalog’s technical maturity and experience in respecting processes and giving visibility to everyone's responsibilities and expanded the team to 75 developers. Part of the product management was also delegated to the Pentalog Product Owner who ensured the project ran smoothly and that new features are added regularly.  

Being so involved in the project, Pentalog's developers proposed that the client develop a Business Intelligence solution. This means that all the data collected on the platform and third-party sites is translated into reports to help future decision-making.  

The results

While the initial goal was 14 registrations, 17 universities and companies have registered on the white label platform.  

"Despite the many requests for changes, I was pleased to see that Pentalog met my expectations.”  CTO/Head of Product of the learning platform  

Elena Mutruc
Customer Success Manager

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