Fintech startup, Fred launches new mobile app with IT Outsourcing


For accounting startup, Fred – building the new version of their web app was the first step to improving user experience to respond to their growing customer base. To get it right, they turned to Pentalog. 




Accounting requires a lot of tedious work. Accountants spend a great deal of time just on data entry before they can work their numerical magic.


This is a hurdle Fred aimed to eliminate. The Paris-based startup offers an online and mobile platform to simplify accounting. It’s an ecosystem of tools that helps manage expenses, taxes, benefits & allows users to take advantage of its network of accounting experts. 


With a growing customer base, Fred needed a better app to replace their first. The new app would need additional functionalities, the option to automate certain operations, a more user-friendly design and a better UI. 



Like many businesses built on a proprietary technology, Fred wanted to continue the in-house development of the back-end of its app but enlisted Pentalog to take on the development of the front end.


A team of 4 developers and a Scrum Master in Romania initially worked with a project owner from Fred to tackle the front end of the web app. It implemented all the screens of their app, including chat and uploading functionalities, a way to consult the timeline, etc.


Starting in Spring of 2016, this project is still ongoing with a reduced team on Pentalog’s part. The new app is already partly live, with all clients already migrated to the new platform.


Working with Pentalog provided Fred with flexibility they could only achieve with an outsourcing collaboration. The team scaled from four developers to two, bypassing any overhead costs or hiring & firing hassles they would encounter by keeping the project in-house. 


Pentalog also lent front-end expertise and worked closely with Fred to integrate back and front ends into a more efficient app.


Do you have an in-house team, but need a boost of technical help? Pentalog can complement your team with the exact skillsets you need. Contact us.


Is it possible for a startup to innovate and launch a new product in a saturated, competitive market segment? Yes. And, so much more while you’re at it.


Do you face the same kind of challenges? Contact us to find out how we can help!



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