Partners with Pentalog Vietnam to fuel its iOS development

Client location San Francisco, United States

Business area BioTech

Product Software

Delivery center Hanoi, Vietnam

Project type Development

About the client

Founded in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, Larvol provides SaaS solutions that support competitive intelligence, business intelligence, and medical communications departments in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Their international team, made up of PhDs and MDs in various medical fields, has provided comprehensive competitive intelligence and analysis for a number of fortune 500 companies.


Technologies used

The challenge

What can an international company do when it wants to launch a new MVP but lacks a key technical skillset? Although they had many other IT competencies in their arsenal, Larvol needed iOS developers to test a fresh concept for an innovative mobile-based platform. As a US-based, worldwide company experienced in working with offshore partners, they turned to Pentalog Vietnam for an IT outsourcing solution in order to quickly find qualified developers.

Larvol already had a well-established SaaS service and decided to develop an MVP to test out a new concept. The concept of this product was a mobile application that allows users to follow chosen key opinion leaders through their articles, events, tweets, etc.

The challenge for Larvol was that they had not yet ventured into the realm of mobile apps and as a result, did not have much iOS development experience. They needed to find qualified developers quickly to push out their MVP and experiment with this new concept.

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The solution

The solution was to work with the Pentalog delivery center in Hanoi, Vietnam in order to reduce their time to market by quickly teaming up with experienced mobile developers.

Larvol decided to take on a team of four mobile experts consisting of one front-end and one back-end iOS developer as well as a tester and scrum master. A 3 and a half month timeline was divided into 10 sprints and set up for the completion of the project.

The results

Thanks to Pentalog’s emphasis on Agile methodologies the product was released on time and on budget with no major bugs. The beta was released and accepted by the app store with more updates to come later. Larvol was pleased by the Hanoi team’s efficiency and Scrum approach and decided to extend the project in order to add more features to the app.

Larvol appreciated the team’s transparency during daily standups and found the structure of our steering committee meetings quite effective at generating useful discussions. Bi-weekly meetings between the Larvol and Hanoi teams ensured close cooperation throughout the entire development process.

Tuong Nguyen Manh
Customer Success Manager

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