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Chooses Pentalog to support its hyper-growth and guide its technology choices

Client location New York, USA

Business area Education 

Product Web Platform

Delivery center Guadalajara, Mexico

Project type Development

About the client

The client is a New York-based company that offers universities the ability to host and manage their online courses via its platform. This allows the universities to offer courses entirely or partially at a distance, which contributes to lowering tuition fees and facilitates access to higher education for a greater number of students.  

Thanks to the platform, universities can increase their visibility and digitalize very quickly without having to bear the costs and technical constraints of an in-situ management.  

The platform has raised 3 rounds of funding: $14 million in Series A in 2017, +$30 million in Series B in 2020 and $50 million in Series C in 2021.  

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The challenge

With partnership requests from the most prestigious American universities multiplying, the platform needed to scale its development teams to sustain the pace of its deliveries and maintain a consistent level of quality for its customers and students.

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The solution

The collaboration began in 2019 with two React developers and a .NET back-end developer working on different modules of the platform, including:  

  • Data enrichment of the university-only dashboard using Business Intelligence 
  • Management of university authorizations  

The developers shared their experience and technical expertise with the client to assist them in their technological and strategic decisions.  

Among the ideas proposed and retained by the client was migration of the architecture to AWS in order to optimize resources. This was followed by a PoC that allowed the client to validate and proceed with the migration.

The results

Proof of their satisfaction and renewed confidence saw the client requesting 9 additional Pentalog developers.  

The client's development team had to adapt to the arrival of new specialists. To assist in this restructuring, Pentalog helped redefine the roles and responsibilities, as well as the processes. 

Mario Eduardo RUIZ LOERA
Customer Success Manager

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