Pentalog helps Partnaire take its first steps in their digital transformation process

Client location Orléans, France

Business area Human resources

Product Digitalization

Delivery center Orléans, France

Project type Consulting

About the client

Partnaire helps its clients recruit employees to fulfil their seasonal, short term, and long term needs. The company also provides training to augment the skill level of current and potential recruits.Although it began as a single agency, the Partnaire Group now counts over 80 recruitment agencies spread all over France. With over 2000 clients, Partnaire has become a major provider of human resources in France.

Technologies used

The challenge

How can a longstanding HR services company innovate and begin their digital transformation process?

Partnaire, a recruitment agency whose history reaches back to 1952 in Orléans, France, were asking themselves this question.

Two of Pentalog’s expert IT consultants were called upon to review Partnaire’s information system and give advice on how to modernize their systems and keep them competitive in a digitized world.

As Partnaire continued to expand, they wanted to modernize their information system and begin their digital transformation.

The company realized that they were being held back by their dated ERP software. At the time it was the best solution, but Parnaire realized it was time to change and came to Pentalog to ask for advice on how to modernize their systems.

One of the main problems with Partnaire’s old ERP software was its incompatibility with APIs. This makes data collection and sharing more difficult, which is especially troublesome for an expanding business.

Pentalog’s task then was to review Partnaire’s current information system and to recommend a new solution based on the company’s growing needs.

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The solution

To address Partnaire’s needs, Pentalog sent in two of its senior IT consultants to review their current systems and give advice for the future development of their new ones.

The process began with a diagnostic made by one of Pentalog’s consultants. They identified the constraints of Partnaire’s outdated ERP software and recognized their need for a solution with API features.

To follow up with these findings, our second consultant wrote a report focused on updating Partnaire’s information system and choosing the correct ERP solution at the right cost. This report not only suggested different types of software and software providers but also discussed the possibility of Partnaire developing their own multitenant ERP software solution.

By developing with cost-saving, open-source software, Partnaire could create their own solution customized to meet the unique needs of their field and then sell this software to other companies. This would not only solve their software problem but would also expand Partnaire’s business into a new activity.

The results

This was a recent consulting project and Partnaire is still in the decision-making process. They will meet with Pentalog’s experts again as they continue with their digital transformation process.

Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

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